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I never would’ve thought I would get into couponing until I started paying attention to how much my grocery trips cost each month. Trying to feed your family can take a small fortune.

Now I knew my husband — like many men — can eat the entire refrigerator by himself, but I had no clue our 13 month old would follow in his daddy’s footsteps. Our bi-weekly trips to the store are now weekly adventures where we pray the things we need are on sale. You hear about all of these couponing apps and folks who are saving hundreds on their grocery bills, which really puts things in perspective. When you think about it, why should any of us pay full price for items when there are tons of resources at our fingertips to help bring down the cost?

Since the start of the new year I  have been trying to get better and better about couponing. Sometimes I take an hour to 90 minutes going through emails of coupons, all the savings apps on my phone and comparing them to our grocery store’s weekly sales flyer. Yeah, it definitely is a part-time job, but if it means lowering your bill, why not try? Call me a coupon geek but I love printing out a stack of coupons to take to the register, which is just like carrying money. In efforts to spread the good message, I shot updates to my gal pals so they can begin their savings journey. What’s interesting is the opposition I received from some that got me thinking.

Is there a racial double standard when it comes to clipping coupons?

Now this is something I never thought about as a coupon is a coupon. Sure my mother didn’t clip the papers all the time, but there was no shame in her game when it came to trying to save a buck. Yet some folks associate the art of couponing as a “White thing,” which I don’t really understand. Is it because many of the popular coupon websites are managed by White women? Does society really think a White mother with a handful of coupons at checkout is being financially savvy while a Black mom is too broke to afford her groceries?

Just because my husband and I can afford paying a high amount for groceries does not mean we want to do so. And I’m not about to sit up here and pay full retail to prove otherwise.

Thankfully I have never experienced a side-eye by a cashier when I roll up to checkout with my coupons… and I live in Oklahoma. There are tons of Frugal Frannies in my town who are all about affordability to single out someone because of their race. I just hate the idea of some unspoken racial divide (if there is one) that turns a money-saving resource into a social class discussion. Coupons might not be in glossy magazines but typically are accessible to everyone. If you want to really talk about injustice, let’s discuss those websites that have the nerve to charge money (yes, American dollars) to print out a coupon! Ten cents to purchase a forty cent coupon? Now that’s crazy!

Have you noticed a couponing double standard when it comes to race?

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