Keep That To Yourself: The Right Way To Operate On Social Media When You’re In A Relationship

March 3, 2015  |  

I’ve never understood why some women feel the need to post all of their body and business on the Internet. Actually, I’ve never understood why some women do a lot of the things they do on social media, and the shenanigans only seem to get worse when they’re in a relationship. Trust me, there is nothing worse than witnessing a woman play herself publicly by being too forthcoming with any and every detail about her relationship.

Ladies, whether you’re here for it or not, there is a certain etiquette you should follow when it comes to talking about your relationship on social media. There are unspoken rules, and while other women won’t come right out and tell you, I’m here to let you know that your relationship posts have probably been fodder for gossip and laughter on many occasions–if you’re in violation, that is.

Here are a few things I often see that literally make me want to send a private message to let folks know they are being way too “extra” on social media.

Going Way Too Hard For Him When He Doesn’t Do The Same For You

There is one woman on my timeline who recently got engaged. While I’m happy for her, I never thought her relationship was going to reach that level. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with her, but it’s because her beau always looks so uninterested in the back-to-back photos she posts of him. From the first date she was posting that he was the love of her life. And while she always looks extremely excited in every picture, he often looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Luckily for her, everything worked out. But she still took a huge gamble by putting her relationship out there so early and in such an over-the-top way.

Being Too Eager With Your Relationship Status Too Soon

If you’ve been with your guy for less than a month, it’s probably too early to change your relationship status or post pics of the two of you together. True, the two of you have agreed to be exclusive and you’re really excited about it so you want the world to know. That’s sweet. Problem is, the relationship is fresh and things could go sour pretty quick. If this happens, you’re stuck with having to change your relationship status back to single. Once that post hits, the questions will soon follow and a lot of those questions will be from nosy people you don’t even interact with on a daily basis. Yes, people are that nosy and that bold. To avoid this, make sure you have something solid before making the status change. Or better yet, don’t let people know that you’re in a new relationship at all.

Exposing All The Ups And Downs Of Your Relationship

Now this one always gets a roll-of-the-eyes from me.

This woman has flooded your timeline, tagging her mate in sappy love posts and while reciting lyrics to love songs. All of a sudden, she turns around and lets the world know the very next day that he has been cheating and is an “ain’t sh*t dude.” I’ve pegged these women as emotionally unstable posters who don’t know how to pick up a phone, but want to share their angst with anyone who might be on their side and show them sympathy. If you’re that woman, know that no one wants to jump on the rollercoaster ride that is your relationship along with you. Only a bored and equally unstable person would be interested in seeing this kind of drama play out on their timeline. If you and your boyfriend are at odds, talk to him, or keep it to yourself.

Public Displays Of Jealousy

If another woman comments on your mate’s status, please do not feel the need to comment right after her to upstage her or talk crazy to her. It makes you look desperate and gives others room to speculate about your situation. Everyone can see when a woman is seeking validation and it’s not a good look. As long as the woman’s comment isn’t disrespectful and you trust your man, you don’t need to enter every conversation that he has on social media to make your presence known. Besides, another woman paying your man a compliment shouldn’t send you over the edge.

Trying To Convince Everyone Else That Your Relationship Is Solid

I have patience with this one, but after a while, it gets old. A woman that mentions her boo in every single one of her posts can be cute, but it begs the question – who is she trying to convince? Does she not have his phone number? Is she really as happy as she wants you to believe?

Call me petty, but I just don’t think people need to know all that much about your relationship. I’m very old-fashioned in that way. While we might want to scream from the mountaintops about the people who make us happy, it’s not necessarily a good idea. Have something for yourself and be happy, and if you’re not, work that out between you and your man. Besides, the less another person knows about your relationship, the less information they have to be able to poke holes in it.

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