It Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It? Celebs Busted With Escorts

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It’s hard to believe that the rich and famous have paid for the company of a woman but it’s true. These celebs were busted with ladies (or men) of the night.


We fell in love with D’Angelo’s thuggish good looks, chiseled physique and smooth as silk voice. But after releasing his second album in 2000, the “Brown Sugar” singer virtually disappeared from the music game and the face of the earth. D’Angelo resurfaced in 2010 when he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Manhattan’s West Village. After 14 years, D’Angelo blessed his fans with a new album and released “Black Messiah” in time for the 2014 holiday season. The album was critically acclaimed and well received by the critics and his fans.

Mister Cee

Mister Cee has been an influential DJ in hip-hop for years and was the man who introduced Bigge Smalls to the world. But after decades on the air, the Hot 97 DJ’s job was in jeopardy after several arrests. Mister Cee had been caught red-handed picking up male prostitutes in downtown Manhattan. Following his arrest in September 2013, Mister Cee resigned from his job. He returned to the air a day later but quit for good last November.

Warren Sapp

This year, Warren Sapp enjoyed Super Bowl weekend a bit too much. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer brought a pair of escorts back to his Phoenix hotel room following the game but an argument over money turned physical. After the police were called, Sapp was arrested for solicitation and assault. The defensive tackle had been in town covering the Super Bowl for the NFL Network. Following his arrest, Sapp was canned from his gig as an analyst, a job he’s held at the network since 2008.

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor will go down as one of the greats to ever suit up in a New York Giants uniform. But his career has been marred with controversy both on and off of the field, and since retiring Taylor has further destroyed his public image. In 2010, Taylor was arrested after he paid $300 to have sex with an underage prostitute. In his defense, the linebacker didn’t know she was 16 years old. As part of a plea deal, Taylor was sentenced to six years probation in addition to having to register as a low-risk level one sex offender.

Charlie Sheen

There’s no denying that few stars party harder than Charlie Sheen. His bad boy ways ended up costing him his job as the highest paid sitcom star on “Two and a Half Men.” For his part, Sheen has never hid who he is and has admitted to his love for both prostitutes and cocaine. In one of his infamous benders at a Manhattan hotel, his date for the evening, which was a professional woman, ended up calling the police after the “Anger Management” star ransacked his room. She had locked herself in the bathroom fearful of her life.

Tiger Woods

All was right in Tiger Woods’ world until Thanksgiving 2009 when his then-wife went through his phone and found out he had been unfaithful. The world-class golfer played the role of dutiful husband and father but behind closed doors, he was carrying on numerous extramarital affairs, some of which were with prostitutes. Woods even allegedly ordered two call girls at one time from a well-known Hollywood madam. He tried to save his marriage by entering rehab for sex addiction but wife Elin Nordegren was having none of it and filed for divorce anyway.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer is known for his outlandish daytime talk show but his own encounter with a prostitute could have made it on to “Jerry Springer.” Long before he became the king of trash TV, Springer started out as a politician in his hometown of Cincinnati. The then 30-year-old city councilman was caught paying for a prostitute and he was forced to resign. Had Springer paid with cash and not a personal check, he probably would’ve stayed in office.

Hugh Grant

Women in the U.S. immediately fell for Hugh Grant and his boyish grin and British accent. Hollywood execs know Grant is a huge box office draw and his movies rake in hundreds of millions of dollars. But a few weeks before “Nine Months” hit the theaters, Grant was caught in the act with a prostitute. The English star was in L.A. to promote the upcoming film when officers arrested him not too far from Sunset Blvd receiving oral copulation from Divine Brown. Grant fessed up to his naughty deed, was fined and placed on two years probation. The movie ended up making more than $130 million worldwide.

Eddie Murphy

To hear Eddie Murphy tell it, he was just giving a ride to a damsel in distress. Back in 1997, the “Beverly Hills Cop” star was pulled over by the police with a known transsexual prostitute in the passenger seat. Murphy’s rep insisted that he was just being a Good Samaritan by giving 20-year-old Atisone Seuli. Murphy’s Land Cruiser was pulled over shortly after police observed Seuli getting into the car. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant for prostitution. Murphy insisted was innocent. “I did nothing wrong,” he said through his rep. “I was trying to be a Good Samaritan and this is what happens.”

Eliot Spitzer

Former governor Eliot Spitzer was once the most powerful man in New York — until he was brought down in a prostitution ring. To the FBI, he was known as Client 9. In March 2008, Spitzer was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had frequently patronized a high-priced escort service run by the Emperor’s VIP Club. The married father of three left office in disgrace and lived a life outside of the public eye until 2013 when he decided to run for New York City Comptroller before losing in the primary election.

Barney Frank

Eliot Spitzer isn’t the only politician who paid for sex while in office. Congressman Barney Frank is one of the few openly gay public servants in Washington D.C. and in 1990 he was formally reprimanded after he admitted to paying an escort in exchange for sex. Frank used personal funds to hire the prostitute as an aide before discovering that his new employee was running an escort ring out of the congressman’s apartment.

Lamar Odom

Long before he joined the NBA or became a member of the Kardashian clan, Lamar Odom was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. A young 17-year-old Odom tried to pick up a woman of the night in Las Vegas. Odom approached a woman who he thought was a hooker but it turned out that woman was actually an undercover police officer. Odom was arrested and was forced to pay a small fine.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce became famous as a child star but like many child stars before and after him, he has had run-ins with the law. In 1991, the former “Partridge Family” star was arrested in Phoenix, AZ for robbing and beating down a transvestite prostitute. According to police, the red headed star attacked Darius Lee Barney soon after the hooker got into his car. Bonaduce later said, “When I picked him up, I thought he was a girl.”

Boy George

80’s pop icon Boy George spent time in the big house for a night gone wrong with a male escort. In 2009 he was sentenced to 15 months in jail on assault and false imprisonment charges. Boy George paid a Norwegian model to spend time with him at his London flat but ended up attacking and handcuffing him to a wall. Boy George was released from prison after four months for good behavior and was ordered wear an ankle monitor and submit to a curfew for the remainder of his sentence.

Donald Sterling

Last year an audiotape leaked to the press and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was busted making disparaging remarks about Blacks. But back in 2003, Sterling was caught in another scandal. He testified that he regularly paid for the company of a woman. Sterling described his relationship with Alexandra Castro in court saying, “It was purely sex for money, money for sex, sex for money, money for sex.” Sterling was forced to sell his beloved Clippers last year.

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