Prayer Circles, Love Crimes, And Who Is Mr. Chocolate? RHOA Episode 14

February 16, 2015  |  
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There’s only one word to describe everything we witnessed during this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”: crazy. From Claudia going to Rickey Smiley about her issues with Porsha, to Kenya trying to have D. Woods of Danity Kane play her OLDER sister in her new show, and Apollo’s outburst at his home with Phaedra, crazy is the name of the game. Let’s chat about all that went down in those 60 minutes.

Claudia Is Mad Stressed…Over Porsha?

Kenya and Cynthia stop by Claudia’s new and improved pad to see how she’s living after a few months in the ATL. And while the apartment is in good shape, Claudia? Not so much. She tells Cynthia and Kenya about falling out with Porsha at the Dish Nation party, and eventually starts crying. She claims that Porsha’s treatment of her is similar to how she was treated in high school by her classmates because she is biracial: “I don’t deserve this. ” But ironically, Claudia doesn’t plan on taking back what she had to say about Porsha in front of everyone about her alleged married sugar daddy. And yet, she doesn’t understand why Porsha doesn’t want anything to do with her…

Kandi And Todd Prepare For A Trip To LA, Which He Is Turning Into A Vacation

Kandi and Todd are packing for LA because she has a role in a film called Second Chance Christmas. Todd sent over her reel to producers and she snagged the role. But even though she’s only going to be there for a couple days, he plans to go with her and stay in LA for a week so he can kick it with friends: “Sometimes you just need a day. You never feel that?”

Kandi gives Todd a hell no: “No, I’m always trying to rush home to be with you guys…”

Todd is playing like he’s still single when he has a wife and family to think about, and that frustrates Kandi. She ends up walking away from their argument, and he doesn’t feel any type of way about it.


Apollo meets up with Peter For A Very Bumpy Ride

Peter runs to Apollo’s side because Apollo is very stressed. Why wouldn’t he be stressed? He’s about to go to prison! But just as bad as a prison sentence, Apollo claims that he just found out that Phaedra is stepping out on him. He went digging through Phaedra’s phone and claims that he found all these text messages from some African man named “Chocolate.” And the texts were maaaaad salacious: “This time next week I’m off the plantation!” and “Will you be my daddy?”

Apollo prints out the messages and shows them to Peter. He says that when he confronted her about the messages, he ended up threatening her: “You know people kill people over sh*t like this.” Bad move or nah?

Peter runs home after having drinks with Apollo to tell Cynthia the tea that was spilled. She’s just as shocked as everyone else watching: “This is crazy. Phaedra’s having an affair with some African man named Chocolate?” But despite how crazy Apollo’s story sounds, Cynthia believes it.


Kenya Writes The Script For Her TV Show

Kenya’s trying to create a script for her new show, which she’s doing with the help of her friend/assistant/producer, Brandon, after Roger Bobb let her know he couldn’t really help. Doing it on her own = struggle. Kenya and Brandon bounce ideas back and forth, and in the end, they decide that Kenya’s character will have a sister, Megan, who will be accused of cheating with Kenya’s man, Henry. Inspired by one of Kandi’s dildos, Kenya’s character sees her man, Henry, and her sister, Megan, talking about the controversial sex toy, and when her character walks in, she thinks they’re messing around. Kenya thinks this is the perfect storyline for her show.

Claudia Continues To Stress Over Porsha…

After waking up early for work, Claudia (and her cat) get moving for work. As she brushes her teeth and takes a shower, she waxes poetic about worrying that her drama with Porsha will impact her new gig on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” But she prefers no interaction to negative interactions with Porsha.

Kenya Does Struggle Auditions For Her Show

Kenya is trying to get only the best talent involved in her new show, and that includes actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. But because Ralph has a contract to focus on for her Teen Nick show, “Instant Mom,” she can’t take part in it. So who will be on Kenya’s show?

They gather up talented folks to read for the role of Megan. And D. Woods, formerly of Danity Kane, comes in to audition for the role of Kenya’s older sister, Robin. It’s not very believable since D. Woods looks super young, but I’m not mad at her for trying to get those checks, child.

Out of nowhere, Cynthia comes in dressed like a damn fool to audition for the role of the Jamaican beauty salon owner, awkward patois in tow and all. Despite all the struggle in her audition, she gets the part, and even better news, her still-fine ex, Leon, says he’ll also work on the project. I wouldn’t mind tuning in for him…

Claudia Inadvertently Goes To Rickey Smiley About Porsha

Claudia seeks out help from her boss, Rickey Smiley, because she’s stumbling over some of her words on-air, but he unexpectedly asks her about Porsha to see if everything is good between them. She makes it clear that things aren’t great. She thinks things between them are fake peaceful, so he brings Porsha in to end the awkwardness. Porsha is pissed after Claudia brings up their tension yet again, especially now that she has found a way to get Smiley involved: “Please stop trying to create things with me, Claudia.” But they decide to try and squash the negativity in their workplace, and the drama all ends in a prayer circle…for now.

Kandi Dishes To Carmon About Problems With Todd

Back from LA, Kandi tells Carmon about Todd feeling that she doesn’t take his expertise and opinions seriously after an incident while in the city. And while that seems like a simple enough problem to deal with, ish gets real when Kandi admits that things between them haven’t been so peachy. He’s been getting on her nerves, and according to her, “We don’t even have sex like that no more.” They’ve been married for six months and have only been having sex once a week, despite hopes to have a baby soon. Kandi is wondering if he’s cheating because of such distance, but she is hopeful that he isn’t. After talking to Carmon about their lack of sex and lack of communication, Kandi decides that therapy is probably the best the way to go.

When Apollo Is Away, Phaedra Will Play…With The Locks

After hiding away with her kids at a resort, Phaedra returns to the home she shares with Apollo because he supposedly turned himself in to start his eight-year sentence. She comes back with professionals who are changing the locks on all the doors and even the code for the garage because Phae Phae doesn’t know who Apollo might have allowed to come in their home. But Apollo pulls up out of nowhere (Prison? What prison?), and he’s not happy to see Phaedra trying to shut him out of the home he put so much work into. “That is crazy! Why would ya’ll do that to me?”

Apollo Loses His Ever-Loving Mind On National TV

Have you ever seen someone freak out about people changing locks to a home they’re not even supposed to have access to for eight years? You did this week. Apollo even has the nerve to ask about clothes he washed being folded and put away in his drawer when he finally does surrender to police. After watching his antics unfold, Phaedra has to get Apollo’s friend Bun to get him to go away from the house, but as soon as he pulls off in his BMW, he pulls back in, runs in the house, and pulls out a power drill.

Crazy, much?

He runs up on Phaedra and tells her, eerily, “Do not call the police,” and despite being scared, she takes heed of his warning. Eventually, he asks her what’s going to be there when he finally comes home, and she says that she probably won’t be there when he gets out…Disappointed, and blaming Phaedra for his troubles, Apollo finally leaves for good. Good riddance.

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