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Jon Stewart is stepping off his throne. He had a 16-year reign at The Daily Show and he’s ready now to retire, he announced Tuesday night. But who will take his seat? With everyone from CNN Money to the Washington Post chiming in on their desired pick, all signs are pointing to Jessica Williams.

For Williams, the position isn’t an option.

Williams began with The Daily Show in 2012 and has been an electric personality alongside Stewart ever since. With viral, resonating one-liners such as, “Stand Your Ground is like bleach, they work miracles for whites but will ruin your colors,” Williams has proved herself to be an asset to the satirically-funny political show.

Many other media outlets would agree — and add that Williams should indeed succeed Stewart:


“Honestly, Comedy Central, just give the job to Jessica Williams. She is by far the best candidate, and she can probably be hired without the proverbial dump truck of money. Williams already works on Daily Show, so she knows the lay of the land. She’s got that rare mix of raw humanity and faux gravitas that Stewart perfected. And she’s an expert with a quick quip,” Todd VanDerrWerff said.


“The perspective Williams brings to the news is invaluable, and she has repeatedly proven her ability to confront hot-button issues with relatable yet biting humor and fierce intelligence,” Derrick Clifton wrote.

The Gloss:

“People want to watch [Williams]. She’s not some a**hole that we all just hate-watch. Just like Jon Stewart, we all want to have her in our friend group. We want to listen to her make fun of jerks at a bar. Naturally, we want to watch her deliver the news!” Samantha Escobar wrote.

The Washington Post

“Jessica Williams’s ability to hit zeitgeisty topics has launched a number of funny-because-it’s-true viral hits, like her recent takedown of cat calls and the male gaze,” Caitlin Moore wrote, suggesting Williams for the hire.

Williams, a 25-year-old Black woman from California, would add some much needed diversity in a realm tiredly riddled with older White males.

Clifton adds that diversity is something The Daily Show must invest in “if they want to remain relevant and continue to offer pointed commentary about contemporary issues.” Especially if they want to reach their their target audience, young liberals, who prefer diverse late-night shows, as per Pew.

With the media rallying behind Williams (even a petition has been launched to pressure for her promotion), the youngest Daily Show correspondent is clearly a likeable choice in the audience’s eyes. But

What do you think? Who should replace Stewart?

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