Why We All Need To Stop Talking About Bobbi Kristina

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Since the news broke that Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub, her story, and news of her condition, has become something like a dangling piece of meat, and we are the gluttonous, starving wolves. But then again, if we are, so are the family members who have been running to speak to media outlets at a time when they should be doing any and everything but that. This woman is in a medically induced coma, and yet a plethora of ever-changing stories, theories and rumors are being passed around in regards to her status.

This young woman and her family deserve privacy.

Bobbi Kristina did not ask for celebrity status, she just so happened to be born into it. Much like many other celebrity kids, she has learned to navigate it the best she can. She has learned to smile pretty for the cameras and mask her pain, and like many people who get stressed out, she has lashed out at times on social media to defend herself. Her darkest hours have become headline news, and to this day, her parents’ pasts are up for constant discussion and biopic consideration.

With all this in mind, we forget that she had to deal with the loss of a parent in the unforgiving limelight. We forget that her family had her on reality TV right after that loss, and that she hasn’t had the chance to truly grieve alone. She’s never been able to do anything alone.

Now, her health is at stake and we all can’t seem to back off long enough to exercise patience and give the family the chance to be there for her and weigh out all of their options. And if this frustrates me, I can’t imagine what Bobby Brown is feeling. Rather than solely being able to focus on his daughter getting better, he has to divide his time between being there for her, and refuting reports about her status.

Amid the conflicting reports breaking daily, Brown has been forced to make multiple statements requesting privacy from the media and even fans via his legal team. This particular statement was issued earlier this week:

“…the false reports that continue to appear in print and on the internet are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time. In particular, the false reporting of TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Daily Mail (UK) citing, police sources, family sources and Bobby Brown himself, will receive my attention. The desire to be “first” has clouded the judgment of many reporters as they forgo accuracy. This is a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence.” 

This is a very delicate time for the Houston and Brown family. While a criminal investigation is underway, the media should await official statements from Brown when it comes to Bobbi Kristina, instead of reaching for scraps from “officers,” “family members,” and others who don’t have her best interests at heart. To not wait has caused there to be a wealth of conflicting statements and stories, and people trying to end this woman’s life while she’s still fighting for it.

While it is easy to put celebrities and their children on a pedestal that paints them as seemingly less than human, we should take a step back and think about what we would want and appreciate if our loved ones were going through something similar. It makes sense to want to stay abreast of how she’s doing and what will happen next, but it makes even more sense, at this time, to back off.

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