How To Get The Benefits Of Wine Without Drinking A Drop

February 10, 2015  |  
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The list of the benefits of red wine are as long as your arm. Don’t drink? There are lots of way to get the benefits of wine without drinking a drop.

The Benefit: Great Skin

The polyphenol resveratrol in red wine has long been celebrated as a skin protectant. But some studies say you have to drink up to 52 bottles of wine a day to reap the benefits.

The Alternative: Chocolate

A couple of squares of dark chocolate a day has all of the polyphenol resveratrol  you need to keep your skin healthy from the inside out. And it has tons of other antioxidants and minerals to keep you healthy.

The Benefit: Antioxidants

Red wine has a ton of antioxidants: tiny powerhouses with the ability to slow the damaging and aging effects of free radicals.

The Substitute: Red Grapes

Wine gets it’s special cocktail of antioxidants from the skin of grapes. And you don’t have to ferment them to get the benefits.

The Benefit: Good Cholesterol

Red wine is famous for boosting your levels of “good” HDL cholesterol to protect your arteries from damage.

The Alternative: Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios: they’re all great at raising your good cholesterol and keeping you healthy.

The Benefit: Flavonoids

Clinical studies of the cancer-fighting power of flavonoids make red wine a popular drink for the health conscious.

The Alternative: Citrus Fruit

Oranges and grapefruits might not be as sexy as wine, but they do have high-enough levels of flavonoids to keep you healthy.

The Benefit: Heart Health

The antioxidants in red wine protect the blood vessels that line your heart to keep it healthy.

The Alternative: Peppermint

It has 100 times the heart-protecting antioxidants of red wine and tastes better in tea.

The Benefit: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation plays a part in heart disease, Alzheimer’s and several types of cancer. So how do you get the benefits without imbibing?

The Alternative: Green Tea

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and the recommended two to three cups a day won’t keep you from driving.

The Benefits: A Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Drinking a glass of wine a day can lower your risk of heart disease. But what if you don’t like the taste?

The Alternative: Beer

Recent studies have found that all types of  alcohol in moderation can keep heart disease at bay.

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