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Romantic movies are great, but why are there so many rom com moments that never happen in real life? When it comes to these romantic movies, sometimes the movies leave us feeling let down.

The Rom Com Expectation

The way you meet will be adorable:

Your leashes will get tangled at the dog park, you’ll catch his eye after catching the bouquet at your best friend’s wedding, or he’ll slip you an adorable note.

However it happens, you’ll be sure to have a story to tell your grandchildren.

The Real Life Moment

You go to weddings and dog parks waiting to bump into the man of your dreams. But really you’ll meet him in your sweat pants and do-rag while buying toothpaste at Walgreens.

But it’s cool. The grandkids will never have to know that you made up a much cuter story.

The Rom Com Expectation

Love at first sight is totally a thing.

You’ll see him, he’ll see you and you’ll immediately know that you’re meant to be together forever.

The Real Life Moment

It felt like love at first sight, but it turned out to just be lust again. Most of the time, real love takes time.

The Rom Com Expectation

His house will look like it belongs on Cribs:

Because in rom coms, even coffee baristas live in deconstructed lofts with high ceilings, designer furniture and quirky best friends.

The Real Life Moment

You’re happy he doesn’t live in his mother’s basement, but his one-bedroom walk-up is just one of the things about him you’ll have to grow to love.

The Rom Com Expectation

Love will always find you:

You’ll accidentally spill coffee on him at Starbucks, rear-end a beautiful stranger, or find out that the love of your life is your best guy BFF who’s been there all along.

The Real Life Moment

Your best friend is a girl, and she thinks that it might be time for you two to dust off your flirt game instead of waiting for love to come to you.

The Rom Com Expectation

The proposal will be amazing.

Because in rom coms, the words “will you marry me” are only said at Tiffany’s, under skywriting or in front of more flowers than you ever dreamed of.

The Real Life Moment

He’ll be nervous and sweaty, and you’ll hate the dress you’re wearing. But the story will be another adorable part of what makes your love nothing like the movies.

The Rom Com Expectation

There should be grand romantic gestures.

If a guy really likes you there should be a midnight serenade, a room full of flowers or at least a night at your favorite restaurant rented out just for the two of you.

The Real Life Moment

He loves you to death, but he just has no idea how to do romance. Probably because he doesn’t have a team of writers telling him how to create the perfect moment.

The Rom Com Expectation

His Valentine’s Day gesture will be mind-blowing.

Too-many-balloons-to-fit-in-your-car, giant-teddy-bears, jealous-co-workers amazing.

The Real Life Moment

Hold out hope for a romantic moment. But keep calm, carry on and save your Valentine’s Day critique for Sunday brunch with your girls.

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