Why Are You Complaining About Not Reaching Your Goals When You Do Nothing To Achieve Them?

February 10, 2015  |  

Can we get real for a moment? I’m seriously getting tired of listening to my friends and family complain about their current situations. Now you’ll have to excuse the pregnancy hormones as that might have something to do with it, but nagging really bothers me.

I always try my best to be a shoulder of support should a loved one need it. After all, none of us are perfect and experience setbacks in life that can leave us full of questions. Lord knows I’ve had my share. While reassessing your life is never bad, there is one habit that is–and that’s complaining about your situation and doing absolutely nothing to fix it.

How the heck can you cry about something you do little-to-nothing to better?

I have a close gal pal who has not only been in the same situation for years now, but continues to talk about the same problems. Things aren’t going her way at work. Someone else gets the promotion she wanted. If only she had the right type of connections to live a “nice life” like other people. Yet whenever I try to speak to her about finding practical solutions, she always snaps back with an excuse. “I can’t do that because I don’t have the money.” “I’m not white so they would never accept me.” After hearing the same tune for some time now, I’m starting to question why I even bother. Maybe she’s just comfortable in her own misery and doesn’t want the help or advice to get out? Unfortunately, some people are.

What’s funny is how quick she is to notice the advancements our other friends–and myself–are making. Sure we all have many goals we still need to accomplish, but we’re so thankful to check a few items off the aspiration list along the way. I try to tell her that she needs to put her plans into action. They’re actually really great ideas. Yet for some reason she thinks things will magically fall into place without any effort on her part.

This makes me think about our generation and the next one coming. Many of us live in this fantasy world where we feel entitled to get things without putting in work. I went to this college and graduated with an advanced degree. I deserve that promotion at work–even if I lack the necessary experience. I have been with this company for a year now and deserve a nice bump in my salary. Does your work ethic reflect your aspirations?

I don’t proclaim to have all the answers but can tell you one thing I’ve learned about life: nothing works unless you do. Ask yourself if things aren’t falling into place because of your inaction. There will always be times in your life when you don’t feel like doing something, but that temporary state shouldn’t become your permanent life story. It’s really crazy to me how many people are still holding on to dreams without doing anything to see them into fruition. Even if it takes years, it all starts with a single step. I myself would hate to look back on all the years I wasted wishing and not doing.

Since my last encounter I have learned to stop asking about the same issues my friend has. I already know the answer. Perhaps she’ll get tired of complaining one day and actually do something about her situation.

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