Women Scorned: The Most Hair-Raising Cases Of Revenge On The Internet

February 9, 2015  |  
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Have you ever gotten revenge on a cheating-ex? Cheating is always wrong but these cases of revenge dropped our jaws to the floor.

The Woman Who Cut It Off… Twice

Cutting it off just once wasn’t enough for one scorned wife. When doctors sewed her cheating husband’s member back on, Fan Lung snuck into the hospital after his surgery and cut it off again.

Maybe she felt like he didn’t get the point the first time…

The Woman Who Bit It Off

How mad do you have to be to lean over and bite it off?

Waking up to catch your best friend giving your husband a blow job right next to you mad, apparently.

Having His Cake And Eating It Too

If there’s an award for Most Creative Way To Get Revenge On A Cheater, these two women definitely deserve the award.

When one Ohio State University student found out that her boyfriend was cheating, she sent her unsuspecting boo a cake and a DVD. “Eat the cake, Jeremy” she said while baking the cake in a sexy outfit.

Jeremy ate the cake while he watched his girlfriend strip — until a fat, naked, sweaty man walked on camera and “made a deposit” into the cake batter.

We don’t know if Jeremy is done cheating, but it will probably be a while before he can have cake without flashbacks.

This Tit For Tat Specialist

Haley Shaw was listening to her husband’s radio show as usual when she heard him send an on-air message to his favorite pin-up girl Jodie Marsh:

If you’ll give me a chance, I’ll leave my wife and my two children in a heartbeat.

By the time he got home, Haley was gone — and so was his $45,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo for 90 cents on eBay.

Four Scorned Women And A Bottle Of Glue

One Wisconsin man thought he had it made by cheating on his wife with not one but three other women.

But when he showed up to a hotel to meet one, he found out that all four of his partners had discovered his infidelity.

As soon as he was in the door, they tied him up, blindfolded him… and glued his member to his stomach.

This Case of Reverse Revenge

Clara Harris put her car in reverse and ran over her husband with her Mercedes SUV when she found out that he was cheating.

Unfortunately, driving while angry isn’t a defense in court and Clara wound up in jail for murder.

The Woman Who Didn’t Want To Hear Anymore Lies

Mrs. Cook said that when Mr. Cook got caught cheating they got into a huge argument. We imagine Mr. Cook said “it wasn’t me” one too many times, because when he leaned in to kiss and make up Mrs. Cook bit off his tongue.

The Cooks tried to save Mr. Cook’s tongue in a bag with ice — but the doctors weren’t able to save it.

The Too-Through Teacher

Betrayal can drive any woman crazy, but it’s easy to cross the line.

When Bernadette Smith snapped, she got revenge by sleeping with one of her 16-year-old students.


This Ghost Of Christmas Past

What’s better than a lump of coal on Christmas? Printouts of the messages you found your cheating boyfriend with. And lucky for us, she took photos of him unwrapping her revenge for us all to enjoy.

The Brother Lover

Is revenge cheating ever a good idea? What if it’s with your husband’s mistress’ brother.

That’s how one scorned woman got revenge when she caught her husband cheating with a woman who lived down the street.

The Woman Who Drove 900 Miles

Is it ever right to get revenge on the other woman?

Astronaut Lisa Nowak tried it when she drove 900 miles (while wearing a diaper to avoid pits tops) to pepper spray her husband’s mistress in the eyes and try to kidnap her.

But in an unfortunate turn of events for Lisa, the mistress got away and now the former NASA employee will be forever known as the diaper-wearing astronaut.

The Wal-Mat Spammer

In another case of taking a jab at the other woman, Beverly Rolston posted pictures of her husband “in the act” with his mistress all over the Wal-Mart where the mistress worked.

The Marker Bandit

This Colombian woman became an internet sensation when she marked up her boyfriend’s brand new mercedes after catching him with another woman.

This PR Expert

Timeshia Brown gets all the revenge cool points for the hilarious ad she took out in her local paper to congratulate her husband on his new baby.

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