“A Mother’s Love” Tanks, Claudia And Porsha Do Battle And Apollo Threatens Phaedra: RHOA Ep. 13 Recap

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We weren’t able to chat with you last night or share this with you earlier because our attention was solely on the Grammys yesterday. But if you are looking to chat about what went down on last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” let’s get to it!

“Life Twirls On” As Kenya Moore Tries To Get Her Own TV Show

As the episode begins, Kenya Moore meets up with Demetria McKinney’s man, Roger Bobb, to pitch him a new show loosely based on her life. It’s called “Life Twirls On,” and the main character is a retired supermodel married to a white man. Yeah, “loosely based” might be an understatement.

In the story, Moore also tries to throw shade at her foes. There is a character named “NoNo,” who is a 50-year-old cross-gendered pole dancer trying to make the main character’s life a living hell (based off of NeNe of course). Then there are two other characters clearly based off on Phaedra and Porsha. On top of that, she wants Meagan Good, Christina Milian and even Eddie Murphy to have a part on her show.

While Moore is tickled by her ideas, Roger Bobb doesn’t sound too crazy about them. He tells her that he would be able to help her out in some way, but he probably wouldn’t be able to work on the show since he has other programs to worry about in LA. Try again, boo.

Phaedra Seeks Help To Figure Out How To Tell Ayden About Apollo’s Jail Time

Phedra meets up with Quad from “Married To Medicine” and her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, to figure out how to tell Ayden about Apollo going away. Should she wait until he asks what’s going on? Should she take the boys to visit him in prison?

Well, Dr. Lunceford offers Phaedra some very sound advice. He feels that a good way of going about it would be to explain it to Ayden like this: In the same way that kids break rules and have time out, adults can break rules and be placed in “time out” too. As for visiting him in prison, Dr. Lunceford doesn’t think kids have a real grasp of what prison is so they’re not going to look at it in the seedy way we do. Ayden would just know that he’s getting a chance to see his dad.  However, Phaedra isn’t feeling it: “I don’t see myself wanting to meander around prisons when I’m not being paid to do so. Just being honest.” But Dr. Lunceford explains to her that keeping her sons from Apollo could be something they hold against her down the line.

Apollo Visits Randy Kessler In Order To Deal With Phaedra

With only four days until he’s scheduled to turn himself in for an eight-year sentence, Apollo Nida gets counsel from attorney Randy Kessler on how to deal with things if she files for divorce when he turns himself in, and to see what can be done if she refuses to bring the boys to see him in prison. Kessler says that an emergency motion could be filed to try and make visitation happen. As for any divorce proceedings, Kessler reassures Apollo that he will have his back. Considering that he was in prison in the past, Phaedra knew good and well, according to Kessler, that there was a chance he could go back. That is something they would have no problem using against her in court.

NeNe Meets Up With Porsha To Trash Claudia

Porsha and NeNe shoot the sh*t and talk about the upcoming Dish Nation party being thrown for her. While NeNe can’t go since she’s preparing for her role in “Cinderella” on Broadway, Cynthia has been invited by Porsha’s publicist. However, Porsha is hoping she won’t show up after the way everything went down in Puerto Rico. As for the claims Claudia made about Porsha getting gifts from a married “African” man, Porsha says those things are blessings she worked hard for, and Claudia is just mad that she and Kenya haven’t accomplished much after “spreading their legs” for years. NeNe agrees:

“They are in their 40s and have never been a wife. Why ain’t no guy ever thought enough of you to wife you? Let them tell it, they ain’t never want to be married, but that’s a lie. It’s an accomplishment.”

“A Mother’s Love” Meets Its End Earlier Than Expected

Talk about bad news…

Todd tells Kandi that the “A Mother’s Love” tour has to end a week into ticket sales because the promoter overextended himself and doesn’t have the money to continue. Kandi cries because of all the people tied to it who need the money and are depending on her. Todd isn’t making her feel better. He asks her if she checked the background of the promoter and they get into it trying to figure out whose fault it is that everything turned into a sh*t show. In the end, he hugs her and tells her that things will be okay, but will they?

Kenya Decides To Do “Life Twirls On” By Herself

Kenya decides to move on and do a pilot without Roger Bobb’s help (she wanted him to be a producing partner) because of his lack of hands-on support. And now that she’s going it alone, she also decides against a parody of the “mean girls” in her life: “It takes the focus away from what’s really important, and that’s me.” And while she knows good and well that she won’t get Eddie Murphy anywhere near this show, or even Meagan Good for that matter (no comment on Christina Milian), Kenya thinks she wants to include Cynthia (but she will have to audition) and her ex, actor Leon.

Claudia Needs A New Wig To Crash Porsha’s Dish Nation Party

Claudia and her cat Shelly get a visit from Derek J. Why? Well, she’s trying to get a new look. She confirms that she will be at Porsha’s Dish Nation party because she’s part of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show (and she’s low-key trolling). And while Claudia is worried about getting her wig snatched, she’s not afraid to call Porsha out on living a fraudulent life. Claudia says that had Porsha never treated her like crap when she tried to be nice to her in the beginning, the tea on her African boo and those extravagant gifts never would have been spilled.

Kandi Breaks News To Her Employees About “A Mother’s Love”

Kandi and Todd tell team the tour is cancelled, and one of her assistants is so surprised he says, “the what?!” Interesting enough, Don Juan, in his confessional, tries to blame Todd for Kandi deciding to seek an outside promoter and for the show flatlining altogether. He even tries to joke about it in front of the couple, playing off a statement made by Kandi’s aunt, claiming it was all a scheme set up by Todd. But Kandi and her hubby don’t find it funny at all. People quit their jobs to be in the play and are counting on Kandi, and she’s distraught over the way things have played out: “I’ve been sick, and damn near in tears because of this.”

Porsha And Claudia Finally Talk It Out, And It Doesn’t End Well

Porsha, her family, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and a producer named Beyonce (seriously) are all together for her Dish Nation party. When Claudia comes in, Porsha’s grandmother calls her “a wicked city woman,” and Porsha tries to ignore Claudia in her new wig. Eventually, Claudia asks Porsha to speak with her and asks if they can bury the hatchet. Porsha says that through her “gift of discernment,” she realized that Claudia is a negative person and she doesn’t want to be around her. When Claudia asks that they at least be cordial to one another at work, Porsha says, “I’m passing.” From there, the two end up bickering a little about Claudia’s statements being “unforgivable” and Porsha laughing at NeNe’s harsh statements about Claudia also being “unforgivable.” Eventually, Porsha gets up and walks away from Claudia to refrain from getting riled up at her own event.

Phaedra Reveals That Apollo Has Threatened Her

With only a few days before he’s scheduled to report to prison, Apollo’s behavior has become more and more erratic, according to Phaedra. He has accused her of having an affair, punched out walls in the house, slammed doors and made threats that he would burn down the house. According to her, “He just seems psychotic almost.” However, she wants to believe that he will get it together for the sake of their sons.

But Phaedra’s mother tells her that she needs to leave their home and protect her boys: “We’re going to protect you, and those children. So we’re going to go. I don’t want to come in here one morning, and everybody’s dead. What does he have to lose right now?”


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