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Last week, we were ecstatic to report the new that Marissa Alexander was finally being released from prison. Though we could certainly argue that she didn’t need to serve any more time at all, house arrest, (with the ability to go work, job interviews, church medical appointments and visit her children’s schools), is a vast improvement.

And on a recent appearance on the Melissa Harris Perry show, via satellite, Marissa spoke about parenting from jail, how she’s doing now that she’s home with her children and what people can do to ensure that people like her, first time offenders who didn’t injure or kill anyone, don’t end up serving unwarranted time in jail, away from their children and wasting taxpayer money.

Note: Marissa didn’t say those things, that’s my own editorializing.

Anyway, check out the highlights from Marissa Alexander’s interview and then watch the entire segment in the video below.

You have to spend the extra time and effort to really connect with the kids. For one thing, my kids were in a transition of going to teenage years. so it was a little bit difficult. You know, that’s the time when they’re into their electronics and your parents aren’t as cool. 

When I left we were all in the bed together, sleeping together and when I came back everybody was on their cell phones and on laptops. But one of the things that I did, I continued to write them. I did call them. I didn’t push them to come and visit if they had things that they wanted to do. I wanted to make sure that they had some normalcy. 

But when I got back home, I realized just how much they had missed me. My teenage daughter had all of my clothes that she was wearing while I was gone, just my sleeping clothes because she wanted some type of closeness to me. 

So those are the things that I did. I made sure that I wrote, I called and allowed them to have a life and not be tied down because I was.

Watch the rest of the video where Marissa speaks about what regular community members can do to help others like herself and others who may have find themselves dealing with the legal system.

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