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When I was a little girl, I was so enamored with anything that had to do with Batman.  I watched any and all shows and movies about him, read the comic books and ate the Batman cereal like it held the answers to all of my questions.

Even now, as I’m in the twilight of my twenties, I’m still very much a fan of anything Bruce Wayne (or Terry McGinnis, for all of my “Batman Beyond” brothers and sisters).  But after a friend and I had a conversation about why he appealed to me more than Superman, I realized how much the DC detective shaped how I see modern life.

Now, I don’t have anything against Jor-El‘s son, but… Batman is just better!  From the villains,  setting, and the mythology, Batman was just superior to me.

But it was more than just those things.  There was a tangible trait to Batman that always made him stand out for me.  I couldn’t relate to someone who was impervious  to all of the normal world’s ills, but only having one major weakness, some piece of crap mineral that very few people had access to.

Batman, on the other hand, was human.  There was an inherent danger to his life, from his parents being murdered right in front of him and him using that pain to create an alter ego that would try its best to prevent other people from feeling that pain.  The possibility for him to be murdered was real each time he put on his costume, and on top of that, he wasn’t doing it for the fame.  Bruce Wayne was the one indulging in glitz and glamour, whereas Batman hid in the shadows, helping the Gotham police, and this is what this article all boils down to…

In today’s world there seems to be more excuses and less culpability, more fame, and less talent, more over sharing and less privacy, and frankly, I’m annoyed by it.  Looking back on it, I feel like that’s the basis of my Batman fascination and why it has persisted throughout the years.

Through the filters and screens, there seems to be a population of people who are trying to prove that they are impervious to the struggles of being just regular human beings.  People are elevating themselves to a position where they are above us mere mortals, and our sad existences, while we struggle in our daily tasks.  In actuality, I feel like those are the things that make us easy to relate to, timeless and gives us strength.

Flaws shouldn’t be things that are ignored or filtered through.  Tragedy shouldn’t be something that is an excuse for poor behavior.  Though those things can feel like they have destroyed our foundation, they should be used as building blocks to become stronger, wiser, and rise above our circumstances.

There is honor in learning from mistakes, instead of constantly perpetuating them, and that’s what always stuck with me about Batman.

Plus, I bet all of the “crusading”/property damage that Superman did was probably raising the taxes of Metropolis anyway.


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