Should A Woman Ever Propose To A Man?

April 18, 2011  |  

A short while ago I wrote How To Let A Man Be A Man. And that article created much debate here on Madame Noire. So for this article I wanted to revisit one of the things I wrote about- letting a man propose.

As seen from the comments submitted on How To Let A man Be A Man, particularly from male commenters on Madame Noire, it is quite obvious that many young black men have adopted a different set of values and gender roles when compared to previous generations. Do I think that’s a good thing? Absolutely not.

We have young men that don’t know how to be men. And we have young women who don’t know how to recognize a real man. Plus we have the highest rate young men coming from fatherless homes and young women taking on single motherhood. So it makes me wonder if all these things will eventually drive many young black women to believe that they must, among other things, now desperately ask a man for his hand in marriage if they want to have any chance at securing a traditional family unit.

Ladies, while I think it’s perfectly fine for a woman to bring up the subject of marriage, and highly advisable for a couple to discuss the topic of marriage before a proposal, I want to reiterate that it is the man’s duty to get down on one knee and ask for your hand in marriage. Ladies, don’t believe any hype that a man tries to sell you about us being “equals” and how “a woman can propose too.” A real man wants the honor of getting down on his knee and asking his woman to marry him. A real man does not want you to take that away from him.

I stand behind all the things I wrote in How To Let A Man Be A Man– particularly the marriage proposal part. In fact, I had discussions with male friends (married and single) and they all agreed that every bit of advice that I offered in that article was on point. Furthermore, one of my married male friends even remarked that the requirements in How To Let A Man Be A Man were actually the “bare minimum on what women should expect from men” and that I was “setting the bar pretty low for men.”

With all that being stated, I now want to ask all you ladies a couple questions:

Do you think there’s anything wrong with a woman proposing to a man?

Would you ever propose to your boyfriend if he wasn’t taking the initiative to propose to you?

Sound off.

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