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Loretta Lynch, poised to become America’s first Black female Attorney General, handled her Wednesday and Thursday confirmation hearings like a champ — even with the GOP, embittered by their soured relations with Eric Holder, coming for her neck.

“You’re not Eric Holder, are you?” Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, asked Lynch on Wednesday.

It was this question, according to The Atlanticthat summed up how the all-White committee used Lynch as a “punching bag” for their frustrations with Holder:

“…[A]t times, the hearing sounded more like an airing of GOP grievances against Holder than a job interview for his replacement.”

Holder, who resigned from his Attorney General post last September, was always on the Grand Old Party’s bad side. Most likely because, according to The Huffington Post, he boldly declared that America was “cowardly” when it came to facing racism.

“From that moment on, the lines were sharply and brutally drawn. The pack of right wing bloggers, web sites, and of course, the GOP, made Holder their Public Enemy Number 1.”

Holder persevered, moving forward with attempts to bring greater equality to the American justice system.

Enduring six years of Holder, the GOP just cannot stomach battling another out-spoken civil rights advocate. As a result, the GOP grilled Lynch with tough questions intended to reveal whether Lynch is just another Holder in disguise.

The Judiciary Committee, for instance, questioned Lynch on her views on voter ID laws, a Republican-crafted legislation that Holder wanted to pump the breaks on due to its affect on minority voters. In response, Lynch said, in part, “certainly not all voter ID laws are problematic,” according to BloombergPolitics.

And dissenting from Holder’s views on capital punishment, Lynch called it “an effective penalty,” according to The New York Times.

Also she, unlike Holder, opposes marijuana legalization. “I will continue to enforce the marijuana laws, particularly with respect to the money-laundering aspect to it,” she said.

See? No Holder hiding here.

Lynch, who has served as Brooklyn’s top chief prosecutor since 2010, held her own during the Eric Holder roast — er — I mean, confirmation hearings. “Ms Lynch has demonstrated her qualifications and made specific commitments to work with Congress,” Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah and committee member said.

In fact, according to CBC News, Lynch won two GOP endorsements — that’s all she needs from the panel if all Democrats support her. “From there, her nomination would move to the full Senate, where she also is likely to win approval.”

“You’ve asked how I will be different from Eric Holder,” Ms. Lynch told the committee. “I will be Loretta Lynch.”

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