Abductions, Confessions And A Good Underwire: Scandal And HTGAWM Recap

January 30, 2015  |  
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We’re going to try and do a little something different today since “How To Get Away With Murder” has climbed the ranks to be on par with “Scandal” as one of my Thursday night faves. And since most of us watch both shows, it’s only right that I chronicle both episodes from last night. Particularly since, they were both pretty excellent. We’ll start with “Scandal.”

Last night’s “Scandal” took me through a roller coaster of emotions. You may remember the last episode of the season left us with Olivia being inexplicably abducted from her apartment while Jake went to go get a pillow and blanket. Well, yesterday we found out how–but not exactly why that happened.

Across The Hall 

In the first minutes of the episode, we get to see exactly how Olivia is abducted and Jake’s attempt to rescue her. While he thinks she has been taken outside and driven away in a car; whose license plate number he memorizes, in actuality, Olivia was taken into the apartment directly across the hall. All of the men are wearing masks and have her mouth covered so she can’t scream. Jake gets dressed–because he was running down the street in his underwear–and goes out to look for her. She tries to scream for him while he’s at the elevator bank and he did hear something but not enough to make him investigate. In what I’m sure will prove to be a very smart move, Olivia drops her ring on the floor as a potential clue. Sadly, before she’s taken down into an ambulance, Olivia’s neighbor, an elderly Black woman is shot and killed right in front of her face. Later they sedate her and she wakes up in a concrete cell in what seems to be a foreign country.


But she’s not alone. She shares her cell with a man named Ian. Within a few days, Olivia and Ian become fast friends. She comforts him and assures him that she’s going to save him. Then later, she tells him about the dysfunctional relationship with her father and mother as he searches her back for a tracker. And then the zinger, Olivia tells Ian that if she’s missing the President of the United States will be looking for her. She was very chatty.

The escape

The next day, while she’s using the bathroom, Olivia notices a window, just above the sink. She takes the underwire from her bra and slides it through a crack in the window to remove the latch. But she only has five minutes in the restroom and since she’s taking so long, one of the guards busts in and takes her back to the cell. They tell her that since she’s tried to leave, she needs to be punished. But Olivia knows they can’t kill her. So they snatch Ian away from the cell they’ve shared and seconds later she hears a gun shot and the guard comes back to her cell with blood splattered on his face.


After her cell mate has been killed, Olivia’s spirit is broken. And she slips into a deep, perhaps days-long sleep. During that time she dreams that Jake comes in and rescues her from her cell and then in the next second she’s standing in the shower with Fitz. You know you’re in love with two men when you dream about both of them. Then later, Abby comes to her and shows her an odd object and tells her she’s the only gladiator in here so she’ll have to be the one to save herself.

The Reveal

For one reason or another they’re still letting Olivia use the bathroom, though they’ve boarded up the wall. She finds that same object Abby showed her in the dream and uses it to knock one of the guards unconscious. She grabs his gun and after a brief conversation, kills the other guard. She takes his keys, runs down the hall and breaks through the red doors.

But what she finds on the other side had me completely shook. There is not a city beyond the red doors. And the traffic sound she’s been hearing have been coming from a looping projector. That’s when Ian, the man she thought was her cell mate, comes out and tells her that this has all been a set up. And since she told all of her business in that cell, now he knows who to contact in order to get the ransom for her.

It was a doozy. My mouth was agape for two minutes.

The moral of the story is, like Olivia, leave clues behind for investigators and if you’re ever in a jam, put that pesky underwire to good use. But unlike Olivia, don’t tell your business to people who you don’t know…even if you share what you think is a prison cell with them. #StayWoke.

Annalise’s New Wig 

First of all, I would be remiss, if I did not mention that Annalise’s new wig is what we’ve all been waiting for. I knew the other one was bad but figured it was  so the removal of it could reveal more about her character. Ha! That sounds silly now that I type it out. But either way, we’re happy that Annalise got herself some new hair. It’s poppin. And while we’re on the subject of physicality, we should also talk about the form fitting dresses they had ole girl in last night. Stunning.

Annalise Tries To Prove Sam Did It

With the knowledge that Sam is dead and knowing who killed him, Annalise seeks to make him the bad guy in all of this, proving that he was the one who killed his pregnant mistress, Lila Stanguard. And in order to do that she has to fight the system to get the evidence she needs including Sam’s laptop, showing that he was indeed at the sorority house where she was killed and surveillance video at an abortion clinic, where he instructed Lila to terminate her pregnancy. The prosecutor is fighting tooth and nail, trying to keep Annalise away from this evidence and even tells her that she shouldn’t let just anybody see her crazy. Later, after all the evidence comes out, Annalise checks her with the best line of the night, “You call it crazy, I call it winning.”

Sam Is The Father

In order to prove that Sam would have motive to kill his mistress, Annalise wanted the dead fetus…or embroyo (I don’t know how far along she was.) tested to see if it was indeed his child. Of course it was. And when she learned the results, instead of looking like a wife just learning her husband had impregnated another woman, her face literally lit up with glee, causing her to tell Frank the real deal about his death…or at least that’s what it looked like.

The White Ladies In the Restroom 

Everybody knows that you’re not supposed to talk about people all open in the bathroom. You just never know who could be listening in one of the stalls. When she walked out of the stall their faces were stuck on stupid. Watch your mouth.


Conner, Michaela somehow got the bright idea to confess to their role in the murder of Sam Keating. And they attempted to get Laurel to go along with them. They thought they were all ready to go until they arrived at the police station to find Annalise and Wes getting out of the car. Annalise told them to let her help them. They didn’t know that she knew but she told them that she didn’t fault them for killing Sam, saying in a very threatening manner, “I don’t blame you because if I did I would have turned you in the night that it happened.”

They better stop trying that lady.

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