Marsha Page Used Weight Loss As Motivation To Experiment With Makeup & Discovered Her Passion

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Raise your hands if you are feeling tired, overweight, over-scheduled and simply run down from life’s challenges. Is your inner/outer beauty being held captive by life? Worry not! This week’s #RESET is about remixing your beauty and unleashing the true, confident you with inspiration and makeup.

The global cosmetics industry nets about $20 billion in sales annually, and its affect is far-reaching. The cosmetics industry has a more personal influence on our lives, too. Marsha Page, founder of Marsha’s Makeovers, a professional freelance makeup artist and mom discovered her passion for makeup while looking for ways to mask her weight and transfer the attention from her waist to her smile. “I began to use makeup as a way to empower myself and enhance the features of my face as I took baby steps to build self-esteem,” says Page.

Yes. Confidence does start with the self. However, a little lip-gloss, blush, smoky eyes and a smile can perk up just about anyone.

MadameNoire: When did you discover your passion for makeup?
Marsha Page: It all started when I graduated from college, having added 50-plus pounds to my already curvy frame. My self-esteem was challenged by the weight gain, so I searched for something that would help me feel better. I started using makeup to draw more attention to my face and show-off my smile.

I had only worn a little eyebrow pencil and lip-gloss. A trip to the pharmacy and picking up a low-end brand of foundation, powder along with a few other items to spruce myself up started to spark a fire within me.

MN: What was the first step you made to launch your makeup artistry?
MP: Honestly, I made makeup a hobby and worked as a full-time paralegal for a top New York law firm. It takes confidence to live your passion and I wasn’t ready yet. It wasn’t until I truly started to work on myself that I quit my job and secured the proper certifications at the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics and Makeup Artistry in NYC.

MN: When did you launch Marsha’s Makeovers, Inc.?
MP: In 2003, I officially launched Marsha’s Makeovers, Inc, which is dedicated to empowering women to realize their beauty, power and confidence. My company provides quality makeup artistry to all facets of the entertainment industry as well as special events.

MN: What was the cost to launch Marsha’s Makeovers?
MP: When I decided to start Marsha’s Makeovers as a legitimate business, the first thing that came to mind was protection from liability. The startup costs included forming an S-Corporation ($200); getting my license in basic and advanced makeup artistry at a respected school ($1,000); investing in a basic professional makeup kit ($450); and, networking like nobody’s business.

MN: Tell me about the popular Marsha’s Makeover brushes?
MP: The MM Signature Brushes are multi-purpose and can be used for more than one type of makeup application to offer simplicity and convenience. Each MM Brush was manufactured in the States, made by hand from start to finish, using precise quality standards and state-of-the-art brush technology.

MN:  What does the phrase “Makeup is confidence” mean?
MP: I always tell my clients “Beauty starts with you.” It’s the proper application of makeup that gives you the confidence most of us desire. Makeup can be very intimidating to most women, simply because they aren’t sure what to do with it and how they can make it work for them.

MN: Share with us how makeup empowered you to lose weight.
MP: Learning how to apply makeup properly by combining the professional techniques I learned, with using colors, shades and formulas that worked for my skin type, empowered me on so many levels. I realized that if I had the power to change my appearance in that way, I certainly had the power to change the way that I eat. I didn’t want to use makeup to mask myself. I wanted to enhance the real me. Making healthier food choices and exercising regularly became my goal.

MN: What has been your biggest challenge to date?
MP: Maintaining the healthy lifestyle, forgiving myself for having a bad day and having the courage not to give up.

MN: How did you press RESET?
MP: On my journey to becoming a professional makeup artist, I met various challenges and some were discouraging. However grace and prayers can do magic. I pressed RESET the moment I took a baby step to live out my wildest dream, quit my job, and launched a company that is making a difference for women through makeup.

MN: What has been your proudest moment to date?
MP: My proudest moment recently happened; I shared with my daughters the good news about signing my first contract to do makeup in television daily and launching a line of makeup brushes.

MN: Any words of advice you would like to share with us?
MP: Absolutely. I stated earlier that it takes confidence to live your passion and that’s true, but it also takes more confidence to allow your light and beauty to shine. Do something differently each day with your face – it could be as simple as experimenting with a different color lipstick.

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