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January 28, 2015  |  
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If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who were walloped by the historic blizzard that dumped up to 24 inches of snow in the Northeast then you know what it feels like to be snowed in. After you get over the feeling of elation because there’s no school or work, you may be looking for something to fill the day. Here are a few things that you can do to pass the time.


Make A Snowman

Seems like a no brainer, right? Bundle up, grab some old clothes and head outside! But this time add your personal style or flair to your snowman or snowwoman. Instead of dressing your creation up in the normal hat and scarf, try different accessories like a vest or use pieces of candy for the facial features. Or you have your snowman standing on top of his head by building him upside down with the head first. Be sure to put a pair of old boots or sneakers on top.


It’s days like these when you can really appreciate your subscription to Netflix or Hulu. There’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a snack or two and nothing but time to catch up on your favorite shows. Have you been dying to see what the buzz for “Orange Is The New Black” or “House of Cards” is all about but you just haven’t had the time to see any episodes? Well, now’s the perfect time to watch all of the shows that you’ve been meaning to give a chance.

Reading Is Fundamental

If binge-watching television isn’t your thing then maybe there’s a good book that you’ve been meaning to read but you just haven’t gotten around to it. Picking up a book or a couple of magazines may be the perfect way to spend the afternoon on a snowy day especially if you’re in an area that had the electricity knocked out. With no power, watching TV even on your phone or tablet, probably isn’t an option. Besides, reading is fundamental.

Tax Preparation

Not everything is all fun and games. No one looks forward to getting their W2-forms, receipts and other pertinent tax papers together but it needs to be done. Since you’re trapped inside, it’s not like you have somewhere better to be anyway. Why not take care of this boring task on a snow day? This way, you’re not scrambling when April 15 comes creeping around the corner.

Pamper Yourself

You take care of everything and everyone else everyday. It’s a snow day and it’s time to take care of yourself for once. So it’s time to pamper yourself. Soak your feet in some Epson salt. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Take a nice, long luxuriating bath complete with bubbles, candles, some music and maybe even a glass of wine. Or how about a facial? There are plenty of homemade facial mask recipes online that are made out of ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Play Monopoly or Risk

Remember when you played Monopoly back in the day, the game would last for hours? Well, if you can grab some family members, friends or even a few neighbors, then you have enough people for a good board game! Monopoly, Life or Risk are long board games that can easily eat up four or five hours of your time. Just be sure to remember that it’s just a game.

Spring Cleaning Comes Early

Just because it’s technically the wintertime doesn’t mean you can’t get started with some spring cleaning. Throw on some sweats or old clothes, crank up the music and get those cleaning supplies out. If you need any encouragement, pour yourself a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Give your place a deep cleaning. In addition to having a home that smells spring fresh, you’ve probably burned more than a few calories with all of the moving and cleaning that you’ve done.

Call A Friend. Or Two

With our cell phones, tablets and computers constantly by our fingertips, we’ve turned into a society that relies on texts and emails. That comes in handy when you’re always on the go and you don’t have time to talk but since it’s a snow day and you have nothing but time on your hands, why not pick up the phone and call a friend up? Or give your grandmother a ring. As much as texts and emails helps up communicate, it doesn’t replace the personal touch of hearing the joy or a smile in your friend’s voice when he or she answers the phone.


Snow Paint

There’s something about the snow that just brings out the inner child in everyone. Remember finger painting back in kindergarten? Well, if you put some food coloring and water in a few squirt bottles, you can go out and get your Picasso on. The added bonus is instead of working on just one sheet of paper, once you step outside the whole world, or street, is your canvas. Be sure to grab your phone or camera so you can show off your art skills and creativity.

Sweat It Out

It’s still January and if your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or get fit, then a snow day is the perfect opportunity to help you keep your promise to yourself. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can skip out on the cardio. Put your work out clothes on, pop in your favorite workout DVD and get to sweating. Or become your own DJ and make a 45 to 60-minute workout by selecting your favorite fast-paced songs and get your “Flashdance” on.

Get Your Bake On

There’s something about seeing snow on the ground outside and the smell of freshly baked cookies inside that just screams, “Perfect snow day.” There’s no better time to try your hand at a new recipe than on a snowy day. Bake a pie or some chocolate chip cookies. Make a hearty stew or soup. In addition to filling your home with the smells that conjure up nostalgic feelings from your childhood, you now have something really good to eat or munch on.

Downsize And Make Some Dough

If you’ve been meaning to clean house and get rid of some items then now is the time. And if you can make some money in doing so, then even better. Clean out your closets, basement, garage or extra bedrooms and list your items on eBay. Since it’s a snow day and you’re trapped at home, then you have plenty of time to take photos and write the perfect brief yet compelling descriptions to sell your items in no time.

Do-It-Yourself Arts And Crafts

Do you have a particular do-it-yourself project that’s been waiting for your undivided attention for the past few months? Well, with a snow day you have nothing but the time and attention that this project deserves. Does that old rocking chair need to be sanded down and repainted? Are you thinking about re-upholstering that sofa? Have you been meaning to paint one wall in your bedroom a different color? There’s no time like the present.

Rearrange The Furniture

If you’re tired of your place looking the same way but you really don’t have the money to redecorate, then try rearranging the furniture. You can really change the energy in your house or apartment by moving things around. The right arrangement can make the room feel bigger and if you have a sofa or chairs by the window then it may be time to move them away from the window because the sun could be fading the upholstery.

Go Visiting

If your parents, grandparents or relatives live close by then it’s time to pay them a visit. They’re probably thinking about you and how you’re holding up in all of the snow anyway. And it’s highly recommended to check on the elderly so if you can’t peek in on your parents or grandparents and you have an older person living in your building or on your block, be a Good Samaritan. Do a welfare check, make sure he or she has heat and enough food and water for a few days.

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