“Here’s To The Next Mrs. Stewart!” Burnt Friend Contracts, Apollo’s Apology And Claudia And Kordell’s Connection: RHOA Ep. 12

January 26, 2015  |  
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What did we learn from Sunday night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”? Well, loose ‘drawls’ and limited alcohol intake are good for making babies, friend contracts burn easily, and you can’t take Kenya Moore anywhere without homegirl acting all the way up. Let’s chat about all that went down on RHOA ep. 12.

NeNe Recounts Her Puerto Rican Vacay, Which Was A Low-Key Trip From Hell

After all the drama in Puerto Rico, NeNe is back home and is picked up by her husband (aka, her personal slave if you ask Claudia), Gregg. She tells him that the ladies, with their “negative energy,” tried to come for her, even though it was honestly the other way around. She shares with Gregg how a joke about Claudia drinking from Kenya’s glass went left, and how she ended up telling Claudia that her cl*t had left her body. Despite being surprised that NeNe brought ‘NayNay’ to Puerto Rico, Gregg is proud of his boo for apologizing and trying to be the bigger person. You know there’s nothing NeNe could do to disappoint her man, even when it’s messy/questionable to everyone else.

Cynthia Officially Burns Her Friendship Contract With NeNe

Cynthia is also home from Puerto Rico and has breakfast with Peter, and her sister, Malorie (who is looking pretty amazing in a flowing, yet form-fitting brown strapless jumpsuit). She tells them about how weird it was to her that NeNe and Phaedra are so close now, while also throwing quite a bit of shade at Porsha for being NeNe’s new thirsty sidekick. But she has nothing but great things to say about Claudia, especially after the read fest she participated in with NeNe in Puerto Rico (and Peter was #TeamClaudia after hearing that). Eventually, the topic turns to that random friendship contract Cynthia and NeNe both signed a few seasons ago. After Mallory digs it up, Cynthia sets it on fire in the kitchen sink and makes it known that any hope of having a friendship with NeNe is done–just like the contract.

Kandi & Todd Head To The ‘Masturbatory’ And Try To Figure Out Why She’s Not Pregnant Yet

Kandi has been talking about wanting to get pregnant for a while now, but she finally goes to see a doctor to figure out why she and Todd haven’t been able to make that happen. They check in with Dr. Jackie, who has Todd visit the “masturbatory” (laboratory x masturbat*ng) to check on his “specimen.” Things don’t look bad for Todd’s little swimmers, so Dr. Jackie instructs them to form some new habits in the hopes of getting pregnant. That includes Todd drinking less alcohol and wearing boxers instead of tight drawls. As for Kandi, she’s instructed to fix her diet in order to get back to a healthy weight. No more Sunday chicken dinners with her mom and her aunts unfortunately…

Phaedra Finds Out Apollo’s Check-In Date For Prison

Also back from Puerto Rico, Phaedra is back at her office handling business. After having a call with Derek J to give and get updates on his case against the woman claiming he stole her weave, Phaedra gets a visit from her mom. The two discuss the fact that Apollo has been given a date to check in for prison. She says that NeNe has given her some really good advice as far as moving on from her troubled husband, and Phaedra makes it clear that her main focus is on her sons, and finding some strong male role models for them while their father is behind bars.

Apollo Finally Focuses On Spending Time With Ayden & Dylan To Talk About Going Away

He never says outright to Dylan and Ayden that he’s going to prison, but during an ice cream/frozen yogurt trip, Apollo finally speaks to them to see how they would deal with him not being around (mostly Ayden though…at 20 months, Dylan really doesn’t know what’s going on). It’s a pretty sad scene, as you can tell that they aren’t aware that they’re about to be without their father for possibly eight years. When Apollo asks Ayden what he would do if he couldn’t come home to see them for a while, Ayden says, “Then I’ll come to visit you and stay there forever!”

At the end of the scene, Nida apologizes on-camera to his sons for putting them in this situation: “To Ayden and Dylan, I’m sorry this happened…I’ll be home soon, and hopefully you can come see me.”

Kandi Is Ready To Make Changes For The Baby She Wants, And Wants Riley And Kaela To Bond

Kandi is already taking steps to follow Dr. Jackie’s advice. In order to get her weight together, she has Riley and Kaela help her move junk food out of the house. During that chore, Todd comes in, and they all talk about whether or not the girls are excited about possibly having a sibling (preferably a baby brother), and Riley isn’t at the moment: “You’re a little old.” They also talk about possible baby names (there’s a suggestion of Todd Tucker, Todd Burruss, and “an African name”), and why Riley, 11, and Kaela, 18, aren’t bonding like they should. Kaela accuses Riley of being standoffish, and Riley just feels like their age differences are too big. Truuuuu (*in a 2 Chainz voice*), you can’t just throw an 11 and 18-year-old together and expect magic to happen…

#TeamPretty Goes On A Road Trip And Kenya Is On Level 10…As Usual

Peter is having an opening for his new lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina: SportsOne. To help celebrate the grand opening, Cynthia invites most of the ladies along, but only Claudia and Kenya are down to go. #TeamPretty hops in a rental truck and heads North. While riding along, Kenya is a ball of energy, dancing to “Gone With The Wind Fabulous,” sticking her butt out of the passenger window…and hanging up Cynthia’s phone conversation with Phaedra. How Claudia and Cynthia didn’t lose their minds during that ride, I’ll never know…

After A Lot Of Bad Luck, Peter Finally Has A Hit On His Hands With SportsOne

We all know that Peter has had some struggle moments with his business ventures in the past. BarOne has definitely gone through ups and downs. But as for his SportsOne venture, a gang of people show up for the opening night. The only person missing who matters though, is Cynthia. The ladies are hours late after finally arriving in Charlotte and Peter calls Cynthia to figure out what’s going on. As Kenya and Claudia play around and try to figure out what Claudia should put on to snag herself a baller, Cynthia runs to be by the side of her man on his big night.

Kenya Tries To Hook Claudia Up With Kordell

Out of all the men in the world, and alleged ballers that they thought would show up for SportsOne’s opening, only dude we see is Kordell. No other hot prospects were to be found, so Claudia, in her plunging dress, is pushed in his direction by Kenya. Kordell makes it clear that he’s single and ready to mingle after his split from Porsha: “I made the choice to move forward and with that being said, it’s somebody out there…” Since they’re both free (and wearing matching black), Kenya thinks the two should pair up and hang out. Even Peter thinks this is a good idea! But thankfully, Claudia knows better…

Or does she?

What’s Really Going On With Kordell And Claudia?

As Kenya, Peter and Cynthia get up from the table to allow Kordell and Claudia to have their time alone to talk, Claudia decides to exchange numbers with Kordell. She tells him not to call her at booty call hours and when he agrees, they take a selfie together (#doitforthegram right?). When Claudia returns to #TeamPretty, Kenya is excited about the possibility of hooking her friend up with her nemesis’ ex-husband: “Here’s to the next Mrs. Stewart!”

Considering that Claudia and Kordell met 12 years ago and didn’t try to make anything happen then, trying to do so now, considering that she has to interact with Porsha, would be a desperate move. Just saying! But it honestly doesn’t look like Claudia is really even feeling Kordell. What do you think?

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