Before Valentine’s Day Comes: 10 Ways To Keep The Current Cuffing Season Drama Free

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Although we’re knee-deep into the cuffing season, we could all use a cuffing season etiquette refresher course. Certain codes are currently being violated, and you know who you are. For those a bit clueless as to what cuffing season is, it’s a flirty term used to define a person’s desire to be tied down to someone or “cuffed” during the fall/winter seasons. It usually relates to those people who enjoy being single in the spring/summer months, but can’t bear being alone when it’s time to turn on the heat and stay inside. So they turn up the heat themselves and find a partner to share those cold and lonely nights with. But there are rules to this. Here’s how to do this cuffing season thing right and not get your feelings hurt.

Chemistry Is A Must

You have to actually like being around the person in order to cuff yourself to them. As obvious as this sounds, some people pick cuffing partners just like some people choose husbands and wives: They do it for all of the wrong reasons. If you have someone you are considering for this winter phenomenon, make sure you two have more than one thing in common (i.e. hitting the sheets). If there is plenty of fire in the bedroom, but their tastes in music and television make you gag, they are probably not the one to be stuck inside with. There is nothing worse than having a winter boo that you’re only semi-compatible with.

Know What You Want

To have a cuffing partner means having a clear and concise conversation about what you expect and then the both of you agreeing to the terms. It’s kind of like speed dating. You have to communicate effectively in a short amount of time so you can get to cuffing and not to crying later.


Wrap It Up

Since cuffing season is a hybrid of homie-lover-friends meets long-term relationships, it’s important to keep birth control and STD prevention an ongoing part of the conversation. This falls right in line with the codes. As a single woman, you should have a nightstand drawer full of condoms anyway. And fellas, regardless of how many times she’s told you she takes her pill faithfully, wrap it up. There is really no exception to this rule.

Respect Yourself

With your cuffing season boo falling into the non-committed/it’s complicated category, make sure you have someone that can at least commit to returning a phone call or a text message. No matter how casual the situation is, your cuffing boo should still be respectful at ALL times. Keep communication clear so that rescheduling won’t be an issue if you have to. If they don’t return your phone calls/texts more than three times and offer little to no explanation when you do talk to them, they’re not your cuffing boo–that’s your booty call.

Know The Code

Cuffing season boos usually run from October to March. They are yours for those snowed-in days and Netflix nights. Don’t get too attached. Keep it cute and light unless they’ve expressed a similar interest for more. Enjoy them while you have them but don’t put out any expectations for exclusivity come spring unless you see it going in that direction. After all those late night snacks with them, you’ll probably be more interested in hitting the gym anyway…

Know Your Priorities

A cuffing boo shouldn’t get in the way of you starting that business or getting into that MBA program. Handle your business. Your winter boo is there for your downtime–not your grind time.

Social Media Is A No-No

Cuffing boos really don’t have a place in your social media life. Incorporating them into your cyber situations and posting pictures of them for your friends and nosy associates to see can only create drama. Just don’t do it. And the last thing you need to be concerned with is whose picture they liked on Instagram or who they started following.

Find Them Outside Of The J.O.B.

This should go without saying, but this is a tried and true mistake a lot of cuffers make. Grocery stores, football games and lounges are great places to meet a winter boo. If you’re a vet at this you know to bypass the place you make your money when considering a cuffing partner.


Keep Them To Yourself

There’s really no need to talk to your friends about your cuffing boo. Cuffers are designed to entertain you, not cause you to have dramatic and emotional conversations with your friends. Leave those conversations for your serious relationships down the line.

Be Mindful Of What You’re Going To Do During Cuffing Season Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day fall during cuffing season. The most important thing to remember is to be mature about this. It’s up to you and your cuffing partner to decide what to do on these important dates, and it’s best decide in advance. Some cuffers can handle giving or receiving gifts with the understanding that it is just a nice gesture, but don’t go expecting these things if you both haven’t had a conversation about it.

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