15 Movie Murderers You Know Are Hot (In A Weird Kind Of Way)

January 30, 2015  |  
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Try as they might, these guys just can’t turn us off—even when they play violent killers. Here are 15 movie murderers that you know are hot.







Christian Bale, “American Psycho”

“American Psycho:” a movie about a seriously hot guy who works out shirtless most of the time, and occasionally kills people. Come on—he’s so hot that women overlook the mountains of evidence that he’s a psychopath.

Vic Vega, “Reservoir Dogs”

Vega is the image of calm and cool in “Reservoir Dogs.” He could easily lull us into his home, and even convince us everything would be fine up until the moment he pulled a knife on us.

Billy Loomis, “Scream”

Loomis had everything you wanted from a ’90s hotty: hair that fell in the face, that perpetually tired, puppy-dog face and…er…a killing streak?

Samuel L. Jackson, “Pulpfiction”

No wonder Jackson’s character was so successful as a hit man: who wouldn’t let that sharp jawline and soothing voice into their home?

Kiefer Sutherland, “The Lost Boys”

Sutherland’s face in this movie walks the line so perfectly between seductive and serial killer. Plus he’s a vampire, which is naturally hot.






Jensen Ackles, “My Bloody Valentine”

Ackles has a face that is smoldering but oh so evil. He was the perfect pick for the murderer in the 2009 remake of this 80s classic film.


Brandon Lee, “The Crow”

Lee tragically died while filming this avenge-thriller, but his long face, swoopy hair and sad eyes were perfect for the role or the rock n’ roller brought back from the dead.

Brad Pitt, “Interview with a Vampire”

It’s the hottest man, playing the hottest thing—a vampire.

Ryan Reynolds, “Amittyville Horror”

Reynolds might be possessed by a demon and trying to kill his family by the end of this movie, but those abs tho…

Johnny Depp, “From Hell”

Okay okay, he only killed himself in this movie. But death by Johnny Depp sounds fine to us.

Topher Grace, “Predators”

Grace and his sweet face was the perfect choice for this doctor who turns out to be a murderer.

Matt Damon, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”

It was a shame that Jude Law’s character had to die, but at least the totally hot Damon then pretended to be him.





Norman Bates, “Psycho”

We’re not sure how a man this handsome turned out to be as lonely as the murderer in “Psycho.”

Tony Todd, “The Candyman”

Pardon the play on words but, not only is Todd “The Candyman” but he is also straight up eye candy.

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