Target Practice: Outrageous Police Behavior Unearthed After Eric Garner

January 22, 2015  |  
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Killing unarmed men, using photos of black suspects for target practice, the new focus on police brutality is revealing a lot of skeletons in these officer’s closets.

The Officers After Who Arrested A Black Man

22-year-old Joseph Swink was on his way home from an internship when he totaled his car trying to avoid police in a high-speed pursuit of a black man that “fit the description” of a robbery suspect.

But instead of helping Swink after his accident, officer’s arrested him for the crime, severely injuring his face in the process.

Swink protested that he was innocent, but cops claim that they couldn’t hear him — until another officer radioed to say that he had also apprehended another black man who fit the description.

Then officers released the student and arrested the other African-American man, hopefully the right one.

This Case Of Cops After Any Black People In A Car

Texas cops were also on the lookout for men who fit the description. And that description was four black men driving a specific model and color car.

They then pulled over Kametra Barbour. Her car did not fit the description. However, there were four black people in her car — her 6, 8, 9 and 10-year-old children and god children.

Police forced Kametra Barbour out of the car and handcuffed her in front of the children. After she was arrested, the officers decided that the children in the car — two of which were girls — could not fit the description.

The officers apologized and Barbour is suing for $2 million for negligence and false imprisonment.

The Florida Policeman Who Use Black Men As Target Practice

Valerie Deant walked in to a Floida shooting range and was shocked when she found North Miami Beach Police snipers using a photo of her brother and other suspects for target practice.

The officer’s response? Using black men as target practice couldn’t be racist because there were “many minorities” on the sniping team. Furthermore, shooting at black faces was necessary “for facial recognition drills.”

The officers will face no disciplinary action.

This Cop Who Went Viral

This video captures a Montana cop shooting an un-armed man at point-blank range, three times.

After the officer shot the man, he continues to curse at him and demand that he get out of the car as he dies from his wounds.

The cop was cleared of all charges and the homicide was declared justified.

The Alcoholic Heading The Oklahoma Police Depatment

How does a man with a documented drinking problem become head of a police department? Police didn’t release Chief Lenden Woodruff’s employment details since his several drunk driving arrests since 2004.

Only the details of his December 2014 arrest were revealed when Woodruff was arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for drunk driving and then tried to run one of them over to avoid arrest.

There is no word on whether this arrest will result in the sherrif’s dismissal.

The Department That Wants An Apology From The Cleveland Browns

“Pathetic” is what the Cleveland police union president used to describe NFL player Andrew Hawkins for wearing a shirt in support of Tamir Rice and John Crawford. Both victims were shot by police officers while holding toy guns. One of the victims was only 12 years old.

The Cleveland Browns refused to apologize for Andrew Hawkins’s exercise of free speech. And Andrew scored a point against police brutality with his impassioned and informed response.

The Pheonix Officer Who Says He Mistook A Pill Bottle For A Gun

Protests erupted in Pheonix last month when 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon was shot to death while unarmed.

The officer who shot Brisbon said that Brisbon fled from him. When he apprehended him, he says he felt a gun in his pocket. When Brisbon removed the item to reveal what it was, the officer shot him twice in the chest.

While Brisbon lay dying, the officer then confirmed that the “gun” was in fact a pill bottle.

The Cop Who Was Indicted

The same day that the officer who killed Eric Garner was cleared, a police chief Was indicted for killing another unarmed man.

After 54-year-old Bernard Bailey fought Police Chief Richard J. Combs in court over a ticket he issued, Chief Combs followed him outside and confronted him while he was attempting to drive away in his car.

The two struggled inside the car. When the Chief fell out of the car and onto the ground he aimed up and shot Combs twice in the chest.He says it was because he feared for his life while down there.

After the jury indicted Combs, the case was declared a mistrial.

The Officer Who Stopped A Man For Walking With His Hands In His Pockets

Brandon McKean released this viral video after an officer stopped him for walking with his hands in his pockets and “making people nervous.”

The Police Department That Ignored 1,000 Rape Cases

The NOLA police department is currently under fire for ignoring over 1000 cases of rape other sex crimes and child abuse.

Why? One detective said that simple rapes shouldn’t be considered a crime. Another found no reason to pursue a case of alleged sexual abuse of a child — even though the 3-year-old had an STD.

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