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There used to be a time that after all of my hard work throughout the day I could come home (or to my dorm), kick my feet up, and veg out to some reality television.  Yes, some of the people involved were incredibly petty, and didn’t seem to have a full grasp on reality, but it was entertaining.

But now… I don’t know.  Maybe I’ve gotten too old to enjoy it?  They say that most things in life will have a season, and maybe my enjoyment of reality television is coming to an end?

However, until I stop tuning in every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, can I just say that I’m getting a little annoyed with this reality season’s shenanigans?  The year, literally, just started and my eyes are already exhausted from eye rolling. Let’s go through the list, and feel free to add your own.  Let’s commiserate together!



Grown women acting like children

The irritated groans from my mouth and soul just aren’t enough to express how annoyed I am with this behavior!

Let me first say that I am NOT perfect and I’m not trying to chastise grown women, but… YOU’RE GROWN WOMEN!

If you are over the age of nine and you’re still involved in name calling behavior, what went wrong in your life?!  If you are teasing people for their clothing, or things that they can’t control, what happened to get you to this immature place right now?

I know I’m sounding harsh, but what is going on?!

 People blatantly lying

DVR is a wonderful thing, because the MOMENT Peter Gunz told Amina that he was going to be new face of an energy drink, I had to rewind to make sure I heard him right.  Then I had to rewind because I was laughing too hard.  Then, after about the fifth rewind moment it just got sad.

Now, lying is a horrible thing to do, but dude, did you FORGET that a camera crew is following you?!

I’m trying to wrap my head around his rationale.

Did you forget that she was going to see this?!


People determined to make dysfunctional relationships work

A lot of times you have to take people for more than just their words.  You must go by their actions as well.  If people are consistently putting you on the back burner, and asking for more than they are willing to give you, say goodbye.  The viewing audience is begging you to say goodbye!

People using their past as an excuse

Now, I’m not trying to clown someone from where they came from.  When you deal with traumatic things and then don’t get the proper counselling for it, you’re going to make mistakes in life and in handling things.

However, the MOMENT you realize you have a problem, and you’re using your past to explain it, that past is now a crutch.  You are using it as an excuse.  You have shown the ability to identify your toxic behavior… but you keep on doing it?

If nothing else, you’re robbing yourself, because identifying a problem is an indicator for the potential of growth.  You can make the change!  Stop staying in the comfort zone of your pain, because all you’re doing is hurting yourself and the ones around you.


 People generalizing

“Show me a man who doesn’t have multiple women and I’ll show you a liar.”  – Peter Gunz

Dude, I don’t need you to ruin my idea that there are decent men out there, okay?  I am holding out hope that there are men who have the capacity to be great boyfriends, husbands, or just good people in general.  This isn’t just for me, but for my friends who are dating, for my cousins who are searching, and for my daughter who will one day bring a boy home and introduce him as her “friend.”

Just because you have a problem with fidelity, don’t paint all the other men with your same brush!


 People with an overly inflated sense of self

I’m going to tackle this one with a flashback from “Rock of Love: Charm School.”

Heather Chadwell and Lacey Connor were having an argument.  Lacey points in Heather’s face and says:  “You think you’re an A-List celebrity!”  Heather, in her drunken stupor, yells:  “I am, B*tch! …I’m the one with the heart…”

Chile… Seven years later, you see people with the same delusions.

Until you do something other than reality television, you’re not a star.  You’re a car wreck.  The sad thing is, the moment you’re out of view, people are going to continue on with their own paths, while you’re still there.

Please know the difference.



Excuses, excuses, excuses!

“My parents abandoned me!”  “My husband ignores me!”  “My cat won’t eat her food.”  Wah, wah, FREAKIN’ wah!

No one’s life is perfect!  Stop using excuses for your horrible behavior!  We’re not buying it!



Throwing “shade” and then pretending you had “no idea”

It’s hard for me to believe that such intelligent people have no idea when they’re being rude, catty, and insulting.  I’m not buying that. You knew exactly what you were saying, why you were saying, and why you continued to say it.  You know it, I know it, let’s just all know it together.


Disgruntled mothers

Now, I’m not going to diss anyone’s mother, but I can’t keep on watching people’s moms attempt to attack people anymore.  My little heart can’t take it!

That’s why I had to take a hiatus from “Dance Moms.”

Mothers, I know you have your children’s best interests at heart, but… what happened to sitting down with some lemonade, rice crispy treats, and talking to the offending person (and then talking about them once they leave your house)?  That’s still an option, you know?  It’s not the high road, but it’s better than the road some of you are on.


 “Blind” mothers

I mean, the mothers who don’t see the flaws in their children and assume that when people tell the truth about said child that they are lying.

No, maybe your child was just misguided.



People not culpable for their behaviors

It always amazes me when you see people who do these horrible things, can remember every thing that happens to them, but draws a very convenient blank when they’re at fault.

There are cameras, and though we don’t see the whole story, we see you acting a fool.  At some point of time it’s not everyone else’s fault, especially if you make a career out of acting a fool on reality television.


Spiteful just to be spiteful

They say that the best revenge is living well.  Well, it seems like that’s a phrase most of the reality show participants haven’t heard.

The idea of retaliating on people just to do so, or just “shading” just to shade is ridiculous.


The word “shade”

I know, I used the word about four times in this article, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not tired of it.

Can people throw something else, like kindness, humility, or the ability to shut up?


 Titanic behavior

You know those people who know they are sinking, but are very determined to pull everyone else down with them?  Yeah, that’s what I’m tired of seeing.

If you know you have a problem with commitment, why even sell a person the dream that you want to commit?  If you have a problem with lying, why are you begging people to trust you?  If you aren’t good in a position of control, why are you offering to be the project manager?

It seems like people know that they’re damaged goods and are so willing to lure as many people as they can on their doomed vessel.  Then the audience has to watch as this “ship of broken promises” sails right into the iceberg of “unknown morals” and watch as everyone emotionally drowns.

Get it together, people!


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