“I Was Being Treated Like An Employee Instead Of Her Man”: Safaree Samuels Gives The Real Deal On What Went Wrong With Nicki Minaj

January 13, 2015  |  


We told you last Friday that Nicki Minaj wasn’t too happy after seeing her ex, Safaree Samuels, out on a date with a model in L.A. The next day, she posted this on Instagram:

“You can’t find happiness with bitterness, hate and unforgiveness in your heart. You owe it to yourself to find real peace. Why do ppl feel they have to be “ok” all the time? Its ok to NOT be ok. You’re human. I hate seeing people be tormented and on the verge of going crazy because of their pride and their ego and because they made a bed they never thought they’d have to lay in. If you were on your death bed tomorrow, none of the ppl you do all this fronting for would be there. You can’t try to hurt a person who’s heart is right and who showed you the meaning of loyalty. Its better that you do some soul searching and live in GRATITUDE. Realize how blessed you were and learn from your mistakes. Sometimes the more you do for ppl, the more they think they’re entitled to! Just fall back and ask God to show them the truth. Once you have forgiven and learned how to find true peace, the most you can do is wish the next person well and pray that they too will find the same thing. I’m hoping that 2015 will be a year we choose real happiness over the fake made up stuff we think people want to see. Every night, the lights and cameras stop flashing and there you are. its just YOU. Laying there. Facing the music. Cherish these nights. Cherish these ppl. Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel. And if you didn’t cherish them in time, own that. Hope you feel better.”

Afterwards, while in “no f**ks given” mode, she joked around with comedian Lil Duval, who basically put Safaree on blast for being a wack rapper (in their opinion). Nicki boldly agreed and claimed that she never had the heart to tell Safaree that rapping wasn’t for him:


So after all that yapping on her part, it looks like Safaree has had just about enough. He got up, put on his fluffiest fur and brightest jewelry, and headed to The Breakfast Club to set the record straight about all their issues. And while Nicki may have thrown quite a bit of shade his on way social media recently, he says he’s not speaking out to do the same. Instead, he says he’s speaking out to clear his name and to try to understand why after a decade of supporting one another, she would try and bash him publicly. Here is what stood out:

What He Was To Nicki:

Everything. Decisions weren’t made without me. That was my soulmate. That wasn’t like somebody I was just working with. People thought, ‘Oh I was just a hype man.’ No. We were calling all the shots.

How They Came Together:

We were in a group together, called the Hood Stars. We did the group thing for about two years, it didn’t really work out. So she branched out and did her solo thing. We packed up two cars, went to Atlanta. We just started bubbling from there. We were friends for a year and a half at first and then a relationship started.

If It Was Hard Putting His Aspirations On The Back Burner:

It wasn’t hard at all because I’m not gonna act like that’s what I wanted to be so bad. We were in a rap group together, yeah, I rapped with her, but I just enjoyed entertainment. So whether I was in the front of the mic or playing in the back with her, I just enjoyed entertainment.

Why He Needed To Speak Out After She Dissed Him On Instagram:

I would never do anything publicly to try to like, pull her down. Whatever happens between me and her one-on-one, it is what it is. That’s personal and I would never put that out there. I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball sh*t like that but I’m not going to do that. I never would do that. I never plan on doing that. I just think it’s crazy for her to come out now and try to pull me down, try to say I’m corny. I don’t care who you’re with. I want you to move on because I’m moving on. I walked away from the situation. I’m not going to say I broke up with her, but I’m the one who packed up my stuff and I left.

Why Things Didn’t Work Out:

It just got to a point where the respect was gone. Everyone around her works for her. It got to the point where it was like, I’m your man, I’m the one you go to sleep with every night. I’m who you wake up with every morning. It got to the point where I was being treated like an employee instead of her man.

Why They Kept Their Relationship A Secret:

I really don’t understand it myself. I used to be like, there’s no way people really don’t know. And if you don’t know it’s like you either want to be naive because you’re stupid, or you’re living in a fairy world. I just never understood that.

If He Had A Problem With Her Being So “Friendly” With Drake And Lil Wayne:

As far as the “Only” song, that’s something that people on the outside take as disrespect more than I did. Maybe I’ve been dealing with it for so long that it seemed like the norm to me. I got numb to it. It was like…it is what it is. I could probably feel a way about it, but I’ll get over it, it is what it is and I’ll just keep it moving. I definitely feel like there was some stuff that didn’t have to be done.

His Thoughts On Her Possibly Dating Meek Mill After Introducing Them:

If that’s who she decides to move on with, it is what it is. If I wanted to make it work, I could have made it work. Fame and money, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. People on the outside looking in will be like, ‘you out of your mind you better get your girl back.’ I never planned on talking about nothing, I never was going to, but to publicly try to pull me down, that’s where I’m just like, ‘you’re getting ridiculous.’ I don’t publicly try to pull you down in no way. If anything, all I’ve done is uplift you publicly. When I’m going and putting tattoos of your face all over my body and showing the world, ‘I don’t care, I think you’re the most amazing person at what you do.’ I would say that to her when it was just me and her and I would say it in on a stage in front of 20,000 people: ‘Make some noise for the best female rapper alive.’ I don’t take that away from her. But don’t try to acknowledge people who are trying to bring me down publicly and agree with them. That was the thing that made me say, I have to say something. She could take a picture with whoever she wants. She could get married tomorrow and be pregnant the next day and I would wish her nothing but the best. But when you try to pull me down and try to discredit what I’ve done for you? That’s weak to me. Don’t say I don’t have no talent because every time it came to writing raps and making music, it was me, her and a beat. She doesn’t do it by herself, it’s me and her. Don’t discredit me on what I’ve done for you. That’s weak. I would never do that to her.

His Financial Situation Without Nicki:

I’m not out here worried about how I’m going to get my next meal. Everything that I have, we got together. So if I say I want to go buy something, I bought it with my money. I don’t have to go up to her and say, ‘Can you buy this for me please? Oh, I see this bike I like, can you buy me this bike?’ Nah, it don’t work like that.’

If He Ever Laid His Hands On Her After That Alleged Hotel Fight Years Ago:

Naw. Hell no. I would never hit her.

If Cheating Tore Them Apart:

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, I do admit that. But what the girl is saying, there’s no truth to that. The girl they said I was messing with, she had to call up a radio station and say, ‘He was there but that didn’t happen.’ Our problem is not even really about cheating, it’s about outgrowing each other. She may feel like I don’t respect her, I may feel like she doesn’t respect me and it is what it is.  I don’t think it was money and I don’t think it was fame. When you’re that big of a brand, it’s like you’re a walking and breathing corporation. You always gotta be on. It was to the point where if we go out, I can’t put my arm around you, I can’t hold your hand. I’m an affectionate dude! I like to have my arm around my chick. I want to be outside and be like, I’m with my chick! I don’t want to have to be walking a couple steps behind you or a couple steps away from you and acting like you’re not my girl. After a while, that can put a strain on somebody. That definitely did something to me.

That Date He Went On With Candice Brook:

I don’t feel like it was soon. We’ve been not together for some time now. Probably about four months. That’s my friend. She’s a very nice girl.

On The TMZ Report That He Was Suicidal After Their Split:

I definitely have been in places where I feel like I don’t want to be here anymore. But I think that everybody has been there before. But now I’m happy. I can see her and not be bothered. Before, it was hard for me to be in the car, listening to the radio and she would come on…but now I’m glad I’m at a point where it’s like, tunnel vision.

She’s my soulmate, but we just can’t be together.


If you have 46 minutes, you can check out the chat for yourself below. It definitely made me look at Safaree in a different way, and not in a negative one…

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