Say My Name Say My Name: The Most Unique Celebrity Baby Names Around

February 11, 2015  |  
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Babies, babies, everywhere! ‘Tis the season for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars to start popping out a new generation of hotness or, at the very least, to get to trying. And whenever a celeb welcomes a new edition to the family, you can be certain that many of them will select very unique names for their little boy or little girl. So as we look forward to a year full of celebrity birth announcements, we take a look back at some of the best and most unconventional baby names to hit Hollywood.

Reigh Aston

Inevitably there was going to be a Kardashian on this list. We really couldn’t avoid it. But the question became which member of the K-clan would make the cut. We had to give the honor to Kourtney after her and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed son Reign Aston into the mix. While you may recall that Lil’ Kim incorporated Reign into her child’s name (Royal Reign), it goes without saying that Reign Aston certainly rolls off the tongue a little better.


Perfectly fitting for one of the music world’s funkiest and coolest couples, Kingston perfectly balances edgy with classic. Parents and rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale did quite a nice job in the name department for their eldest son.

Egypt and Genesis

It pretty much went without saying that two people as creative as Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were going to come up with something very interesting in naming their children. And with Egypt and Genesis they certainly did. Quite unconventional and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but we love the feel of these two names.


An adorable name for an adorable little girl. No one should be in the least bit surprised that Matthew McConaughey produced beautiful children, but extra kudos to McConaughey and his lovely wife for having the wisdom to select such a gorgeous and spirited name for their daughter.


Anyone have a flashback to “The Lion King”? After hearing the name of Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla you probably did. But that has only seemed to endear us even more with this lovely name.


Zahara probably wouldn’t be the first name you think of when a child makes a clean break out of your womb, but the name of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter is one that we absolutely love.


OK, who wouldn’t think it’s super badass to have the name Rocket? Someone who is completely wack in our opinion, because that name is awesome. Sure, you’ve got to be a certain kind of parent and, by extension, a certain kind of kid to rock a name like that. But if you are, then this is a perfect selection.

Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Jay-Z are all about being memorable. So when they decided on a name for their first child, we knew it would be something special. In comes Blue Ivy, a unique, beautiful and feminine name that also has a special meaning for this powerhouse couple.

Bronx Mowgli

Now we’re not going to lie here. We’re a lot more enamored with the first name, than we are with the strange middle name. But either way, we still are digging Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s naming abilities. Such a shame we won’t get to see what another foray into baby making would yield for these two celebrities.


Way to come charging out of the baby name gate with the fierceness. But that’s exactly what Spike Lee and his wife did when they welcomed their eldest daughter Satchel into the picture. Definitely a retro feel to this name, harkening to baseball trailblazer Satchel Paige, but also works perfectly as a powerful and unique woman’s name.


No. Just no. Never, in any world, at anytime, would this be OK. But it’s so bad we couldn’t help but include it.


When David Duchovny and Tea Leoni had their first child, they went the traditional route, selecting Madelaine as their daughter’s name. But then, we’re not really sure what happened, maybe it was just laziness. Duchovny and Leoni decided to name their second child, a son, Kyd. Sure they didn’t spell it as one might expect, but we still raise an eyebrow to that choice.

Harlow and Sparrow

Nichole Richie and Joel Madden knocked it out of the park … twice. Both Harlow and Sparrow have this old school, yet Bohemian sort of vibe that works perfectly for this trendy couple and certainly gave us some name inspiration.

Puma Rose

This one took us a little while to decide if we were actually liking it or not. But then we remembered that it was Erykah Badu who thought of this creative name and suddenly it moved a couple rungs up in our eyes.

Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Muffin

We’re not sure all the pot brownies in the world would cause us to ever think of a stranger assortment of baby names. But, hey, we admire the boldness.

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