“Sorority Sisters” Cast Members Respond To The Backlash

January 7, 2015  |  

It seems like we’ve been talking about this show forever. And despite the petitions, think pieces, hash tags and other Greek affiliated personalities bashing the show, VH1 has made it explicitly clear that they have no intention of canceling “Sorority Sisters.

But they are not only aware of the controversy, they made time for the show’s cast members to address all of the backlash.

See what some of the cast members had to say about their decision to participate in the show and some of the backlash they’ve received.

Priyanka, a Delta, explained why she decided to participate in the show and the very extreme measures are taking their displeasure.

“I’m a woman of opportunity. This is a million dollar platform. And of course all of us are businesswomen so I thought that that would portray us in a positive light. I am a Delta; however, I am not speaking to every Delta in my sorority. This is my story and this is my life.” 

I don’t have any backlash from my line sisters. It’s Deltas that I do not know.

“And it’s sad because I’ve been getting death threats all types of crazy. And they’re saying that we’re misrepresenting our sororities and stuff like that. And discretion is the key…you’re leaving a paper trail on the internet, showing non-Greeks how you treat your own sorors. So if anything, if somebody says that watching this show is going to make people not want to pledge, you’re making people not want to pledge!” 

Cat, a Sigma Gamma Rho, said that she joined the cast of the show to inspire other women to follow her path to success.

And she directed her comment specifically to K. Michelle, who said she had no respect for these women.

“I represent me also not just Sigma Gamma Rho. So before I respect my organization I respect myself first.  And a lot of people can say and they can watch the show, even celebrities that have pledge a Greek organization can say ‘Yeah, I act a fool on TV but never with my letters on my back.’ But that does me you respect your letters more than you respect yourself? I respect myself first before I respect my letters.”

And April, an AKA, said that there is no difference between Greek affiliated women who act a fool in their real lives or those who act up on television. She said that she believes people are so upset because of the name of the show. At the end of the day April said no one is perfect and she did not sign up to represent her entire organization.

“I don’t believe that one woman can speak for an entire body of women…I  feel like it’s hypocrisy. I feel like we’re not looking at ourselves in the mirror.” 

And despite the backlash broadcast on social media, April says she’s gotten plenty of correspondence from her fellow sorority sisters congratulating and supporting her for being on the show.

Metoya, a Delta, said what the women are exhibiting on the series is showing a slice of real life.

“That’s an everyday struggle that’s real life. Everybody doesn’t always get along. and I think it’s very naive of us to act as if we do. I think it’s ridiculous to say that because April and I got in an argument, that’s ratchet. Why? I don’t get along with every woman that I come across. But April and I can still be adults and talk.”

All of the women noted how the Greek movement could have been directed toward something more important to the community.

Did you watch The Dialogue with the Sorority Sisters? Did their viewpoints help you sympathize with them a little more?

You can watch their full discussion here.


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