Rapper Azealia Banks Becomes A Reparations Advocate Via Twitter Rant

December 30, 2014  |  

Hip-hop diva Azealia Banks is going off on Twitter–again! You might say, what else is new. But this time the subject is interesting. Like many other African Americans, Banks is demanding slavery reparations.

The reparations movement has heated up in the Caribbean where a group of 14 nations have sued various European countries for slave reparations. And in the U.S., the movement has been in effect for many years, though has yet to bear any fruit from its efforts. There are many Blacks in the States demanding the 40 acres and a mule their slave ancestors were promised during emancipation. Now, Banks is one of them.

On her Twitter account recently, the 23-year-old rapper became an advocate for reparations. She put out a series of tweets talking about how major corporations for profited from slave labor, reports TheGrio.

“ITS MY MONEY, AND I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!!!!!” Banks tweeted. According to Banks, various companies owe African-Americans up to $100 trillion, and she named corporate names including Aetna, New York Life Insurance, and JP Morgan Chase. Banks backed up her claims with links to articles on  how Native Americans and Holocaust survivors have received some form of reparations from the United States and Germany.

She went as far as to say she would give up her music career to fight for reparations if need be.

Banks is no stranger to speaking her mind about Blacks and culture. In fact in a recent  radio interview she said white Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has misappropriated Black culture and that fellow rapper T.I. was a “shoe-shining coon” for his support of Azalea.

 In a different radio interview with Hot 97 she pontificated about Black culture, American history, the media and more. She said:

Here’s the thing with Iggy Azalea. I feel, just in this country, whenever it comes to our things, like Black issues, or Black politics, or Black music or whatever there’s always this under current of a ‘F*ck you.’ Like ‘F*ck y’all n*ggas. Y’all don’t really own sh*t. Y’all don’t have sh*t.’ That Macklemore album wasn’t better than the Drake record. That Iggy Azalea sh*t is not better than any f*cking Black girl that’s rapping today. And when they give those awards out–cuz the Grammys are supposed to be like accolades for artistic excellency. Iggy Azalea is not excellent. And the message I see when I see these Grammys being given out…I have a problem when you’re trying to say that it’s Hip Hop and you’re trying to put it up against Black culture.

Even Nicki Minaj over the past 2,3,4 years has done so much to kind of create this social presence and this hold –like this social consciousness so she’s like “Re Up” and “Roman Reloaded” and here you got fucking Iggy like “Reclassified.” Like you’re trying to smudge out…it’s like a cultural smudging is what I see. And when they give these Grammys out all it says to White kids is ‘You’re great, you’re amazing, you can do whatever you put your mind to.’ And it says to Black kids, ‘You don’t have shit, you don’t own sh*t, not even the sh*t you created for yourself.’ And it makes me upset in that way. 

So put her in the pop category. Put her with Katy Perry. Put her and Miley Cyrus is the same box together. Don’t put her in Hip Hop. Just because she’s not singing does not mean it’s rap music. 

 Banks has also gone off on Blacks who she feels aren’t “Black enough.” Following a disappointing collab with Pharrell, “ATM Jam,” she had more than a few words to say about how she though the “Happy” singer was leaving behind his “Blackness.” She sent out a series of Tweets on the subject. And she said:

“The reason ATM jam did poorly is because pharell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback”

“Lite skin n*ggas are funny.”

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