Year-End Inventory: 12 Things You Should Let Go Of Before The New Year

December 30, 2014  |  
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It’s that time again! I’m referring to the euphoric anticipation of planning your New Year’s resolutions. While the intentions are good, most of us have fallen prey to concocting a laundry list of goals for ourselves, only to forget we ever wrote them down by the end of January. When February comes around, we suddenly remember all that we had hoped for and shun the notion of ever writing down a resolution again because they simply don’t last. I’m here to say–as a serial resolution breaker–that New Year’s resolutions aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But just like most goals, they require some planning. That planning is your year-end inventory. Doing this inventory helps to get rid of those unnecessary habits, people and things before the start of a new year, so you will have a better chance of sticking to at least some of your resolutions.

Here is a list of things you should get rid of now as you prepare for a prosperous new year.

A Negative Outlook

This is probably the most important thing to rid yourself of before the top of the year. If you have a negative outlook, most of your positive aspirations won’t happen because of your attitude. Do what you need to do to prepare to have a better outlook. Create a vision board, lighten up the colors in your home, or pull a Mary Jane Paul and post affirmations on any bare wall or mirror. Of course, it’s difficult to change overnight, but it’s okay to fake positivity until you truly believe in it.


People Who Serve No Purpose

If they don’t make you happy, make you money, or make you better, why are they in your life? This is something to consider when you’re completing your inventory. Excess people in your life can take up time and energy that could be used for something more positive. If they don’t serve a purpose, don’t give them a full-time role in your life in 2015.

Hovering Debt

Surely you can’t get rid of all your debt within weeks. If you could, you would have probably gotten rid of it within the last year. What you can do to prepare youself for a prosperous new year is to make plans to pay. Call your credit card companies and set up arrangements or create a payment plan for those people that you owe. Whatever you do, don’t go into the new year having debt with no direction or plan to pay it down.

Relationship Baggage

You and your guy are hanging on by a string. Just cut that string loose if you’ve fought the entire year to make it work with no success. And for those still arguing with their man about something that happened this summer, either leave him or leave it alone. Don’t go into the new year with relationship baggage.

Household Clutter

Your living space is important to your success. Start off the new year with a clean, clutter-free home. Get more organized. Start now and by January 1, you’ll be glad you did. Decreasing the physical clutter in your life will subconsciously help you eliminate the mental clutter.

Unused Clothes

This sounds minor, but it actually helps out in multiple ways. By cleaning out your closet, you can see what items you have and organize them for the new year. In addition to that, you can decrease closet clutter. And most importantly, you can either sell your unwanted clothes for extra cash to assist with that hovering debt of yours, or you can be a good Samaritan and give them away to those in need.


He cheated on you in January. She betrayed you back in February. And this summer, you felt a lot of people did you wrong. You’re angry and you’ve become bitter. Not only are you bitter, but you’ve made it your personal mission to do to them what they’ve done to you. Don’t bother. Let it go. Leave the grudges in 2014.

Work Space Clutter

Just as you should have your house in order, your work space should be organized for the new year. Get rid of unused papers, old food that you planned to eat for lunch, and whatever else that could be left at your desk or workspace. Start the year off organized and clutter free.

Hanging Apologies

Just as people have done you wrong in 2014, there are surely some people you have treated just as badly. If there is anyone you need to apologize to or make amends with, do it. This allows you to start the year off with a clear conscience. Keep in mind, just because you apologize doesn’t mean they should be in your life in the coming year. Apologizes allow you to own up to mistakes and move on.

Lingering Projects

You’ve been working on the same 10 projects for the past three years, and every year you plan to complete at least one of them. This upcoming year, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many commitments that never stand a chance of coming to fruition because it’s just too much for you to handle. Instead, take inventory of the things that are really important to you that you would like to get done in 2015. Leave the other projects behind.


Loose Commitments

You’ve had good intentions, but the follow-through has been anything but good. If you owe someone a favor or made a promise that you didn’t keep, reach out to them. It would be great to fulfill these loose commitments before the new year gets too far in, but depending on how many things you’ve committed to, it may be impossible. Instead, contact those who you have let down and attempt to make amends and fulfill your promises during the first month of 2015.


Commitments That Serve No Purpose

You have numerous loose commitments, simply because you overcommit. Take inventory of the organizations that you’re a part of, leadership roles you have assumed, etc. If they doesn’t serve a purpose, or bring you a sense of happiness, let it go. Start the New Year off with concentrated commitments, and keep them to a minimum. Your goal should be to under commit and over deliver in 2015.

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