Easy DIY Dry Scalp Remedies: Which Ones Actually Work?

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I need to share something with you: My extra dry scalp embarrasses me.

On several occasions, I think I’m fly in my black on black on black outfits, only to have to figure out a discreet way to dust my shoulders off. (And not because I’m feeling like a pimp.) I’m desperate to find a solution for my dry, flaky scalp. So like many women, I went to Pinterest in search of solutions and found some very interesting ones. Here are the results for three popular ones, and which ones I would recommend to you and your scalp.



Initial Thoughts: According to various pins, the anti-bacterial properties of Listerine is supposed to rid my scalp of the fungus causing my flurry of flakes. I figured, when am I ever going to get another excuse to spray mouthwash, or any other alcohol—on my head? So I went for it. I applied the mouthwash using a small, travel-sized spray bottle. Of course, it burned like crazy in areas where I’d broken the skin by scratching too much. And at first, there’s a strong smell that is somewhere between a medicine cabinet and a liquor cabinet.

Check-in:  After letting it rest, I still smell like an alcoholic even after rinsing my scalp. I worried that people standing next to me would accuse me of drinking whiskey on my lunch break. Even worse, my skin still felt dry, especially in the areas where I felt burning sensations. Later, I notice that scabs have formed in some of those burning areas where I’d broken the skin. I don’t believe the Listerine caused this, but I do think dousing my scalp in it probably sped up the healing process. After all of that, I still didn’t notice any improvement when it came to the itching.

Final Thoughts: This is a novelty and nothing more. It’s an interesting story to share, but I wouldn’t use this method again because my scalp ended up feeling drier than before. I don’t recommend putting brown mouthwash on your scalp. Failed mission.


Tea Tree Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Combo

Initial Thoughts: I had both tea tree oil and extra virgin olive oil on hand so this one was right up my alley. I was supposed to mix 1-3 drops of tea tree oil in with each ounce of EVOO, and it was easy to apply as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to wash my hands before touching my nose and eyes, and ended up in crisis management for about 20 minutes.

Check-in: The smell lingered, even after rinsing my hair. I’m not a fan of smelling like I’m wearing vapor rub as perfume, and I felt like I had a puffed-up scalp that I ended up being scared to touch. The tingling scalp feeling didn’t reassure me that the method worked. My scalp ended up sensitive and oily to the touch, and in the end, I didn’t feel like this was the right move for me.

Final Thoughts: I won’t repeat this remedy at all. I’m pretty sure I incorrectly estimated the three drops ratio, which led to my discomfort. If you’re a measuring-cup diva, then you’ll likely have a better experience than I did. In addition to that, I think adding 1-3 drops to a bottle of shampoo would give better results.


Honey & Coconut Oil

Initial Thoughts: For this DIY remedy, I make a one-to-one mix of coconut oil with honey and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. That was easy enough for me to eyeball, unlike the tea tree oil situation. This mix smelled so good, which made me want to use it right away. (Because you know us naturals always swoon over the way a hair product smells.) This one was messy to apply, but the warmth of it soothed my scalp immediately. I had to work quickly to make sure the mixture doesn’t congeal before I finished slathering it on.

Check-in: After a couple of hours into my day, I realized that I forgot to rinse my hair! Luckily though, it hadn’t created a gummy mess on my scalp. It wasn’t oily either. What a relief! As a bonus, the honey had my edges swooped back with zero flyaways, and my hair felt soft while my scalp felt calm.

Final Thoughts: This one was a winner for me. I will definitely use this honey and coconut hot oil scalp treatment throughout the winter as needed. I prefer the way that coconut oil absorbs into my skin, and doesn’t linger in a residual layer like olive oil.

Swiping weather-induced flakes from your dark clothing is never a good look. DIY solutions in addition to simple steps like drinking more water and thoroughly washing makeup from your hairline help you win the dry scalp struggle.

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