Mel B’s Husband Denies Hitting Her After She Showed Up On “X Factor” With A Swollen Face And Bruises

December 16, 2014  |  

Former Spice Girl and current “X Factor” judge Melanie Brown (Mel B) and her husband Stephen Belafonte seem to be going through some things. When Mel B showed up the set of “X Factor” with scratches, bruises and a swollen face on Sunday, several fans assumed that her husband was the reason. And they took to Twitter to let him know they suspected him.

Yesterday morning, Stephen, 39, responded, vehemently denying the allegations.


But Mel B is remaining silent. When the Daily Mail contacted a rep for the former singer, that person declined to comment.

Mel B was absent from the judge’s table on Saturday’s “X Factor” after being admitted to the hospital on Thursday night. But when she returned on Sunday, fans noticed in addition to the swollen face and scratches, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. And that’s when folks on social media started questioning the state of her marriage.

On the show, Mel B, referencing her absence on Saturday said, “I really missed being here but thank to all the doctors and nurses who took care of me and got me here tonight.”

Apparently, on Thursday Mel was suffering from a suspected stomach ulcer. During the time she was in the hospital, Mel B’s estranged mother and sister Danielle didn’t know where she was. And on Sunday, before the show aired, her sister took to Twitter in a desperate plea to locate her.

Once Melanie was seen on “X Factor,” Danielle deleted the tweets.

This is not the first time she’s expressed discontent about her sister’s husband. In 2012, she said, “I would never tell her to leave him. She can be with whoever she wants to be with, even if we find him controlling and not a nice person.”

The two sisters fell out in 2008, when Mel and Stephen renewed their vows in Egypt, after a year of marriage. Apparently the family hasn’t spoken since that time because Mel’s mother and sister expressed concerns about her sister’s relationship with Stephen and whether or not he would be accepting of her daughter, Eddie Murphy’s child.

Mel B has admitted that their marriage, like everyone else’s, has had its ups and downs. When she appeared on the cover of Grazia magazine’s Christmas issue, she admitted being three hours late to the shoot because she’d had an argument with her husband.

The mag quotes her: “I walked in pissed off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff. Sometimes he pisses me off like no other, but he gets me.”

A source from “X Factor” told the Daily Mail that Stephen didn’t visit her while she was in the hospital. That same person revealed that other members of the “X Factor” team don’t particularly care for him.

“None of that means that he has ever laid a finger on Mel, but he is not an easy person to be with, that is obvious to see. It was a physical and emotional collapse. There was an emotional element to it, Mel has been under a lot of stress. He didn’t come to the show on Sunday as far as I am aware. He wasn’t in her dressing room. I don’t believe he visited her in the hospital, either.”

Instead on Sunday, Belafonte was seen outside of the couple’s apartment overseeing the loading of suitcases into a minivan.

Melanie B’s aunt, Diane Cook told The Mirror, “I hope she gets away from him. We all believe Stephen has got her under his control. We are worried about Mel but there is nothing we can do.”  Her uncle seconded the notion, “He is not a very nice bloke.”

Melanie is on the outs with several of her family members over Stephen. And the feeling is mutual on his part. In fact, he’s called them “the cut off crew.” 

In 2007, shortly after Mel and Stephen tied the knot, information surfaced about his past. Stephen, a Hollywood-born producer, was charged with battery in America and was arrested for attacking his then girlfriend Nicole Contreras. He pleaded “no contest” to the battery charge. The judge said that was the same as pleading guilty and he was ordered to complete a Domestic Violence Batterers program.

A friend of Contreras said that she fears for Melanie “because a leopard does not change his spots. He seems utterly charming…but I’m afraid it won’t be long before his mask slips.”

You hate to accuse someone of something so heinous. But all of these signs are classic symptoms of an abusive relationship. Her family doesn’t like him. He’s alienated her from them. And the kicker, he has a documented past of domestic violence issues.

We don’t know what’s going on right now but we’re hoping Melanie B and her children can make it through to the other side of all this.

What do you make of this story?

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