Question: Can He Have Female Friends?

December 12, 2014  |  
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Him: Babe, This is my Homegirl,
You: Oh. Hey.

Everybody wants to be the cool girlfriend, but then paranoia sets in. No matter how secure or “cool with it” we pretend to be, these are the overreactions we’ve all had when we finally meet the man of our dreams… and his female BFF.

Give Her The Fake Smile

And a “Hey, how are you?” with the sing-song voice but a straight face.

Start Asking Who It Is Every Time His Phone Rings

And if he pauses for a moment, immediately think “I knew it was her.”

Stalk the Ish Out Of Her Facebook page

Shade everything about her — especially all those likes he added to her photos.

Try Really Hard To Let It Go

Because maybe they are just friends. But now she’s calling again…

Google “How To Tell If His Friend Is More Than Just A Friend?”

Ask all of your friends the same thing, decide the answer is “no” no matter what they say.

Think About All Of The Male Friends You’ve Had

And how the only thing keeping you from dating is the fact that you’re not interested — at least not right now.

Get mad all over again.

Suddenly Realize The Lock On His Phone Is Sort Of Suspicious

Then start peeking around corners like a super spy trying to catch his phone unattended.

Start Casually Asking Him “Who Was There?”

Whenever he goes out. And make a mental note of how shady he looks when he mentions her name. Decide to hang out with the crew more often from now on.

Start Wondering Just How Inappropriate It Would Be To Call Her Up And Ask Her Yourself

The answer is “very.”

Finally Ask Him To “Tell You About Her”

And now everything he says sounds suspicious.

Start Fantasizing About What You’ll Do If You Catch Them Together

Because you can’t decide if you’re more upset about the betrayal or the disrespect.

Think About Putting Your Foot Down

But worry that you’re still too brand new to pull rank.

Finally Decide That You’ll Just Have To Trust Him

But feel pretty confident that you’ll never trust her.

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