What The First Date Says About Him

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There is nothing happenstance about the date a guy chooses. He is consciously or subconsciously sending you a message. Here is what the first date says about him.








A friend’s performance

He is supportive of the arts. He likes creative people and probably is one himself. He wants to see that you can find the beautiful and impressive in just a 3-person band performing in a bar, instead of being distracted by the rickety chairs and stale chips.

The symphony or opera

Well, he has no problem letting you know he has money—the symphony and opera are both pricey! He is probably a bit old fashioned in all areas of life, including the way he dresses, the types of restaurants he dines at, and how he courts women. He might even use the word “court.”






Time in nature

If he suggests a hike, he probably knows that being outdoors and getting one’s blood pumping stimulates conversation. And quite simply, having an athletic partner is important to him.







A dog park

He wants to make sure you’re laid back enough to not care about dog slobber or dog poop. And he wants to know that you have a maternal/affectionate side. (Will you let Scruffy kiss you on the mouth?)


A guy who takes you to a coffee shop does his best learning through conversation. He doesn’t need to observe you in any other setting—he just wants to ask direct questions. He knows what he’s after in a woman and he doesn’t need a long dinner to spot it.




A swanky bar

A guy who takes you to a swanky bar with special edition bourbons and lounge music probably likes to see and be seen. He’ll want to go to red carpet events, movie screenings and celebrity parties. He cares about the “show” of things just as much as, if not more than, the substance.









A neighborhood bar

This guy is comfortable in his skin. He has no shame in the fact that his favorite bar writes the menu on a chalkboard wall, and has peanuts on the ground. He wants to make sure you’re laid back, and that you care about the company more than the place.


A rowdy bar

You might still be dealing with a frat boy. He didn’t have the foresight to realize that a loud bar, where it’s impossible to get a seat or even standing room, and where the tables are stained with vodka, probably isn’t the greatest place to get to know someone.


You might have an adorable nerd on your hands. He likes child-like activities, doesn’t drink much, and appreciates vintage settings like bowling allies. He wanted a setting where he could actually talk to you, but also wanted to have fun.







Over for dinner

He is either trying to sleep with you or he wants a wife. Like tomorrow. Having a woman over for dinner on a first date is getting awfully comfy, awfully quick. He wants to show you his world (sexually or otherwise) ASAP. He wants to be in the provider role.



This guy wants a partner who is also his friend. He wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be cocktails involved, so you can get to know each other without the influence of booze. He chose a meal that leaves an entire afternoon afterwards to hang out, if things go well.


Call it stereotyping, but this guy probably loves a few things “metro.” And that’s fine! He appreciates a good bourbon-blueberry pancake and cranberry mimosa. This guy is super social (just like brunch itself is), prioritizes fun, but isn’t an intense partier.












Sports game

This guy is testing you. He wants to make sure you’ll make an effort to take an interest in his interests. He wants to make sure you at least have one pair of non-heeled shoes. He wants to make sure you can “hang.” Will you eat hot dogs and drink beer? Will you throw caution to the wind and yell at the top of your lungs when your team gets a win?

A party

This guy is a combination between the brunch guy and the rowdy bar guy. He is very social, but he is at the point in his life where he’d like to be around actual friends during his free time, instead of strangers at a bar. He is trying to see how you do in new settings, and making sure you aren’t too needy for attention.




Ethnic food

You probably have a travel-junkie on your hands. He is open to new experiences, and wants to make sure you are too. He wants to see that you enjoy being put out of your comfort zone. Will you eat with your hands? Will you sit on the floor? Will you munch on marinated alligator meat?

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