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Christmas is all about giving, so we’re giving you a double dose of a list of the best Christmas specials!  Make sure you you check out part one too!

Christmas season is the best time for television watching, because that’s when some of the best specials air.  Whether you’re into nostalgia, “the meaning of Christmas,” or even horror, let’s look at some of the best Christmas TV specials that television have to offer!  I promise that I have something for everyone, so let’s get it!


A Charlie Brown Christmas

A classic!

Charlie Brown is the director of the annual Christmas play, but he’s struggling with how commercialized the holiday has become and wonders:  “What is the true meaning of Christmas?”

With the help of a biblical monologue, a ragged Christmas tree and some of the best (and most imitated) dance moves on this side of a television screen, we all learn something from the little “block head.”


Martin – I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus

When Cole signs up to be a Santa Claus for the Big Brother Christmas party, Martin steps in the role when Cole can’t make it.  In typical Martin fashion he retells the story of the Nativity, placing all of his friends in the iconic roles.


The Simpsons – Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

The first full length Simpsons episode.

When Homer is denied his Christmas bonus, and Marge has to spend all of the family’s money to get Bart’s tattoo removed, Homer struggles to get money for presents for the family.

It wasn’t until he comes in contact with “Santa’s Little Helper” that he gets what he wants (and we get a new member to the iconic television family).

A Christmas Story

Okay, so I know that this is a movie, but on TBS each Christmas they show this movie for a straight 24 hours, and I am always there for it!

As Ralphie, the main protagonist, retells the time that he wanted a Red Rider B.B. gun for Christmas, many are reminded of the times when we hoped and wished for a certain gift, and were constantly told no.  Also, when you finally get it you realize that you might have bitten off more than you could chew.


Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer

Another classic!

When Rudolph, a reindeer born with a deformity, attempts to blend in with the other reindeer, he’s met with ridicule.  It’s not until he gets older and takes a trip to the island of misfit toys that finally he stops trying to hide who he really is when he turns out to be the key to Santa’s traveling success.

Key lesson:  Love yourself, flaws and all.  Also, f*ck reindeer!  They’re jerks!



Martin – Holiday Blues

This is a classic to me!

When Gina becomes homesick, she and Martin decide to travel to see her parents.  However, when the bus station becomes snowed in the duo is forced to mingle with other disgruntled passengers, thieves, a stingy bus clerk, and an ungrateful old lady who doesn’t like tuna fish sandwiches.


The Simpsons – Marge Be Not Proud

When Homer and Marge decline to get Bart the new, hottest, violent video game (Bonestorm) he decides to steal it from the local store.  However, when he’s caught and banned from the store, his shame is doubled when everyone discovers he’s a thief. The family goes back to said store to get their family photo taken.


Frosty the Snowman

Another staple in the Christmas TV line-up.

Apparently magic can be found in anything, and a group of kids find this out when they place an old hat on top of their finished snowman and he exclaims:  “Happy Birthday!”

Best. First. Words. Ever!

Tales from the Crypt – And All Through the House

I told you I was going to include something for everyone in this list!

After a woman murders her husband and tries to cover the crime, she’s too busy to learn that an escaped killer from the local asylum is on the run.  She has to protect herself and her daughter when they become his target.


The Office – A Moroccan Christmas

In one of the best “The Office” Christmas specials, we see the already unhinged Meredith dive deeper into her addictions, which all culminates in her hair catching on fire.

On top of that, everyone learns that Dwight and Angela are having an affair behind Andy’s back… everyone but Andy, that is.  Hilarity at its finest, folks.


The Wayans Bros. – Psycho Santa

What is it about Christmas that brings the nuts out?

When Shawn, Marlon and Pops don’t show enough Christmas spirit, a part-time Santa holds them hostage at gun point.

King of the Hill – Ms. Wakefield

Just saying this title makes me laugh!

With Christmas as a backdrop, a woman comes to visit the Hill’s home, citing it as not only the home that she grew up in, but the one she wants to die in.  Her shenanigans to get into the house and die are priceless.

Parks and Recreation – Christmas Scandal

As Leslie is preparing for the annual Government Christmas shindig, she meets up to discuss things with a politician who has a salacious reputation.  As she goes into hiding, once she’s named as one of his flings, Ron Swanson is forced to take over for her.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Let’s end with one of the best Christmas specials ever!

When the Whos down in Whoville celebrate Christmas with too much fevor, the Grinch devises a plan to stop all of the madness.

In doing so, he learns the true meaning of Christmas and it allows his heart to grow. He eventually participates in the revelry.


Did I mention your favorite?  What do you like to watch during this season?  Let’s discuss in the comment section.



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