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Remember when reality TV first hit its stride and everyone assumed that it wouldn’t be around for long?

Boy, were we wrong.

Nowadays any and everybody can be a reality star and make a living off of it, because so many networks are willing to put their dollars behind whatever keeps people entertained. The problem is, many networks can’t just let a good thing come and go. They have to do spin-off after spin-off until the audience eventually tunes out. So with that in mind, here are 11 reality show spin-offs that probably never should have come to the small screen.

“Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip”

Spin-Off Of: “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle”

The name of this program already had us confused, but the show as a whole really had us scratching our heads. The whole point was for Tiny and Shekinah to drive a mobile hair salon through different cities to pick up business, but somehow, the focus ended up on the shenanigans both women found themselves in when they drove from state to state. I haven’t seen one individual step on their bus to get their hair done, and while I’m all for friends going on Thelma & Louise-esque adventures together, for this particular show, it just didn’t make for good TV. Let’s just stick with “The Family Hustle” ladies…

“Chrissy & Mr. Jones”

Spin-Off Of “Love & Hip Hop”

I can’t tell you whether or not “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” will ever make a return, but honestly, I think we can all agree that it doesn’t need to. While I didn’t always agree with the decisions and reasoning of Chrissy Lampkin on “Love & Hip Hop,” her interactions with her co-stars, and the struggle with Jim Jones for a ring and commitment was entertaining. But once they started the spin-off, which just focused on the couple bickering even after a ring was ‘put on it,’ and they STILL never got to wedding planning, folks started hitting the snooze button. It slowly started to become a more boring version of “The Family Hustle.” But let me just say that Jim Jones’ son, ‘Pudie’, was the cutest!

“New York Goes To Work”

Spin-Off Of “New York Goes To Hollywood”

The spin-off of “New York Goes To Hollywood,” which was a spin-off from “I Love New York,” made it through one season. That was enough.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard went from looking for love to looking for a “regular” job. But what regular job do you know that pays a $10,000 bonus in a week for impressing an employer? After nine episodes, New York walked away with $45,000, which was right on time because that was her very last Vh1 reality show and VH1 reality show check…

“For The Love of Ray J”

Spin-Off Of “Flavor Of Love,” “I Love New York” And “Rock Of Love”

It was the show that would launch Ray J’s reality TV career (damn you “For The Love of Ray J!”). At the time (circa 2009), Ray claimed that he was on the search for a “ride-or-die chick,” but after two seasons of looking for love in all the wrong women, he ended up being back on his own. We now know that throughout both seasons of the reality show, Ray J was allegedly having a somewhat serious off-and-on relationship with Teairra Mari, so clearly he wasn’t out here looking for love at all. Just a fat check.

All The Spin-Offs Spawned From “Jersey Shore”

I was pretty surprised at how much I ended up enjoying “Jersey Shore,” and pretty surprised at how terrible the spin-off shows ended up being. But hey, that’s why they say that some people should quit while they’re ahead. While “Snooki & JWoww” has managed to stay on the longest (it’s in its fourth and last season), but it has lost its luster. And speaking of luster, or lackluster, both “The Pauly D Project” and “The Show With Vinny” were cute ideas, but poorly executed. Without the entire “Jersey Shore” gang involved, people just didn’t care.

“Baseball Wives”

Spin-Off Of “Basketball Wives”

If you can name three of the cast members of this short-lived show in less than 30 seconds, I will give you a cookie. But you will probably struggle to do so, seeing as the show met its end after eight episodes. Without the petty drama of “Basketball Wives” or the involvement of Shaunie O’Neal, “Baseball Wives” couldn’t cut it. And seriously, how exciting can a show be when it’s set in Scottsdale, Arizona? And please, let’s not even talk about “Football Wives.”

“Daddy’s Girls”

Spin-Off Of “Run’s House”

I loved “Run’s House” during its…run…but the MTV spin-off, “Daddy’s Girls”? Not so much.

I personally couldn’t get with the show because as sweet as Vanessa and Angela Simmons are, they’re not that interesting to watch with their friends. But I do know people who had a beef with the fact that they were only moving to LA and starting a new business because of their father’s name and money. Well, either way, somebody watched for a little while, because the show was on for two whole seasons before calling it quits in September of 2009.

“Keyshia And Daniel: Family First”

Spin-Off Of “The Way It Is”

When will people learn that reality TV is the last thing you need to do when your marriage isn’t that solid?

Keyshia Cole came back to BET for this show that followed the creation of her fifth album, Woman to Woman, and of course, her marriage to Daniel Gibson. But the program painted less than a lovely picture as people felt that Cole had a negative attitude towards a number of people on her show, and didn’t really treat Gibson all that well. In the end, we know that it wasn’t the show that split this couple apart, but I’m sure it didn’t help things.

“Making His Band”

Spin-Off Of “Making The Band 3, 4”

Once Danity Kane split up and Day 26 started doing more beefing than putting out records, that’s when Diddy should have pulled the plug on the “MTB” shows. But no, he decided that if his groups couldn’t work, he would put the focus on himself. You probably don’t remember “Making His Band,” but the focus was on finding talented background singers, guitarists, and a great band in general to back Diddy and Dirty Money (which was in its early stages). It premiered in 2009 and ended soon after due to low ratings and a delay in his album release. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much.

“Atlanta Exes”

Spin-Off Of “Hollywood Exes”

I can’t tell you whether or not “Atlanta Exes” is returning, but if they do, a few cast members either need to go or get an attitude adjustment. “Hollywood Exes” was never golden TV, but something about their friendships seemed more genuine and as a whole, it was pretty positive. But the issues between the ladies of “Atlanta Exes” was a lot more mean-spirited and ugly at times, specifically the issues that involved Tameka Raymond, Torrei Hart and Sheree Buchanan.

“Kate Plus 8”

Spin-Off Of “John & Kate Plus 8”

Look, the simple explanation for this catastrophe was that people just weren’t fond enough of Kate Gosselin to watch her raise a brood of kids all by herself once John bailed on their marriage to go through a mid-life crisis. And while the kids seemed okay at first, they started to have problems in school. All in all, the family went from wholesome and relatable, to celebrities who at some point, the public was no longer interested in following around.


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