Hair Superfoods: Eating Your Way To Healthier Locks

December 2, 2014  |  
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Ever seen a woman with beautiful hair and wondered what her secret could be? It could be what she’s eating.

Good hair nutrition starts from the inside out. Try these hair superfoods and you could maximize your locks’ potential they way topical products just can’t.


Want long locks? Don’t skimp on the Starbucks. Coffee doesn’t just stimulate your body, it can stimulate your hair follicles too! A cup a day will increase circulation to your hair follicles working at their maximum potential.


Not every person loves okra but every hair follicle does!

Okra is full of Vitamin E. Eat it and it will act like sunscreen for your hair and protect it from sun damage that can lead to split ends.


Add a little orange to your diet and your hair will thank you in the long run. Carrots are chock full of Vitamin A which could help keep the gray away just a little bit longer.

Eat just one a day and you’ll get twice the recommended dose that your hair needs to stay healthy.


Pumpkin is full of zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E which makes it the perfect fall cocktail for reversing the heat damage that you did to your hair during summer.

This pumpkin season, study up on your pumpkin recipes and you can start repairing your hair before hat-less season rolls around again.


Itchy scalp got you reaching for the rat-tail? Add more tomatoes to your diet. They help control oil production in your scalp and can help keep your hair naturally moisturized.


Quinoa is tough to pronounce (keen-wah) but it will make your hair even tougher. The minerals in quinoa are the same as those in your hair. Double up on them and you’ll have armor-plated locks that can stand up to whatever your flat iron can throw at it.


Suffering from serious breakage? Fill your refrigerators with cucumbers. They’re high in silica which gives hair added elasticity that will help it bounce instead of break.


Hummus is full of chickpeas and chickpeas are one of the best sources of biotin out there.

Switch to this side dish and you’ll help your hair produce the biotin that protects it from dryness, chipping and slow growth.

Brightly-Colored Fruits

What’s the secret to smooth, shiny hair? Vitamin C. Make a smoothie with mangoes, kiwi, pineapple, peaches and strawberries to make a shine and bounce-inducing smoothie that will give your hair the glow it’s always wanted.

Flaxseed Oil

Putting oil on your hair isn’t the only way to reduce split ends. Add to your follicle reinforcements by making a flaxseed oil dressing for your salad.


A bowl of warm lentil soup during the cold winter days will give your hair the minerals it needs to grow to it’s potential and the strength it needs to keep from breaking once it gets there.

Sweet Potatoes

Battling dandruff? A holiday helping of sweet potatoes will help keep the flakes at bay — if you eat it at least a few times a week.

Dairy Products

Dairy products have two hair-strengthening superfood components: casein and calcium. Add their healthy protein content to the mix and you have a healthy hair reason to get a few servings of low-fat dairy in your diet every day.


Doctors have been touting the benefits of salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids for years. Add a regular dose of salmon to your diet and you’ll add serious shine to your hair.


A handful of walnuts a day acts as a conditioner that strengthens your hair before it grows. These tasty nuts are full of alpha-linolenic acid which gives new growth a health start.

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