My Back Is Aching, My Bra’s Too Tight: Easy Excuse-Busting Ways To Work Out And Eat Right

December 2, 2014  |  
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Need a little push to recover from the holiday pig-out season? We’ve got excuse-busting ways to work out and eat right — without getting off of the couch!

Get Braids

Is the thought of sweating out your $600 holiday ‘do keeping you from burning calories? Swap it out for a set of cute box braids. Not only are they right on trend, you can use the sew-in break as an excuse to hit the gym hard until it’s time to change your hair.

Take A Page From Amerie’s Songbook

This One Thing is sometimes all you need to make permanent changes. Instead of swearing off sugar in January, start smaller. Swap out one of your favorite sodas or sugary snacks for a healthier option like water or fruit.

Once you stop craving that food, move on to eliminating the next.

Stop Letting You Period Call The Shots

Monthly cravings for chocolate, sugar and carbs don’t have to be a permanent party of being a woman. The week before your cycle is due, stock up on healthy sugar snacks like dark chocolate and strawberries or healthy carbs like air-popped popcorn. Munch on these good snacks and you’ll be less likely to binge on the bad ones.

Bet Money

Need a lot of motivation to get your diet started? Put your money where your waistline is.

After the holidays, everyone’s looking for a chance to earn back some holiday cash. Get some other weightloss-wishers together, pool your money and agree that whoever loses the most weight wins the pot. When it comes to motivation, you just can’t beat cold, hard cash.

Workout While Watching TV

While you’e catching up on your Netflix cue, tackle this zero-excuse exercise circuit that doesn’t even require you to get off of the couch.

Start A Dance Night

Can’t seem to get motivated to go to the gym? Get you girls together and hit up a dance hall. Wind, drop it low and work up a sweat — but stay away from the alcohol or those empty calories will negate all of the work you’ve done.

Bust A Move

Don’t want to sweat it out with the young ones in the club? Pick your favorite up-tempo video and learn the moves in your living room.

Eat The Cake, Anna Mae

Thoughts of chocolate cake won’t leave you alone? Have a slice then go right back to your diet. Cheat a little now and you’ll keep those nagging cravings that will eventually convince you to quit your diet for good.

Find An Inspiration Piece

Use post-holiday sales to buy an outfit that’s beautiful, way out of your price range — and at least one size smaller. Hang it on your wall during good days — and on the handle of your fridge during bad ones.

Grub Before You Go

Know you won’t be able to resist your grandmother’s cooking even though it will break your diet? Fill up on healthy food ahead of time. Proteins and greens will now will keep you from a second helping of macaroni and cheese later.


It’s not just for makeup.
The easiest way to get those five servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Pop them in a blender or juicer and drink up. Just three glasses a week will fill you with enough good fiber to put a permanent dent in the number of not-so-good calories you eat in a day.

Throw Out Your “Vacation Days”

Just one cheat day spent splurging on fast food can set you back thousands of calories that it can take weeks to burn off. Throw out your “I’m on diet vacation” excuse and have a small fry instead of a value meal. That way you can get back on track without starting from scratch.

Find Another Stress Reliever

Ben and Jerry are great at relieving stress, but so is a walk around the block. Swap snacks for something as simple as a few jumping jacks and stress can be part of your motivation instead of just another excuse.

Stop Waiting For The Time To Eat Right

For working women, “I’m too busy to eat right” is the easiest excuse on the books. Cut them out of the picture by planning and making the week’s meals on Sunday night. Put each meal in its own container then grab it before you head out the door.

Handy guides like this one will give you great ideas to help you get started.

Cut Your Foodie Friends Off

At least during meal times. It takes about six weeks to permanently change your eating habits. Until then it might be best to employ a little CPTime during meal times with boyfriends, food-loving friends or well-meaning relatives that love you by encouraging you to break your diet.

Show up after the meal is over and you can hang out without blowing your diet out.

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