15 Questions Everybody Hates Being Asked At Some Point In Their Life

December 2, 2014  |  
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They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question but there are certainly some that qualify as annoying. Here are a few questions that have probably gotten under your skin at one time or another; hence let’s stop asking them please.

Why Are You Still Single?

What is it about people who are married or in relationships asking a single person why they are still single like they forgot what it was like to be single? There are many reasons why a person chooses to be by themselves and no one should have to explain your decision to a nosy family member. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and waiting for the right person instead of lowering your standards.

When Are You Getting Married?

Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. But for some reason, whenever there’s a woman in the room not wearing a wedding ring, someone will inevitably ask her what’s taking her so long to walk down the aisle. This question can be especially annoying to those who choose to stay single as well as upsetting and insensitive for those who desperately want to be married more than anything but just haven’t found the right mate yet.

Are You Sure He’s The Right One?

After you’ve kissed a lot of frogs and finally found your prince, it’s very annoying for the same family members and loved ones that hounded you on when you’re getting married to now question if the man you chose is the right one. All of a sudden they’re wondering what’s wrong with the man who asked for your hand in marriage. And when these same people start talking about the divorce rate in the country, you just want to yell, “Make up your minds on if I should be single or married!”

When Are You Having Children?

Just like marriage is something not to be taken lightly, having children is also an important decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. And not everyone was put on this Earth to procreate. Shocking, but some people choose to not have children while others can’t have biological children of their own. So not only is that a rude question to ask but it’s also very insensitive.

What Are You Doing After School?

One of the most annoying things about being a college student is when someone asks you what your plans are after you get that degree. The most obvious answer to that question would be that you plan on doing the same thing everyone one else is doing: getting a job to pay back those student loans. But instead of being rude, it’s probably best to reply that you’re looking to get a job in the field that you studied for.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This question is better suited for a job interview, which is why it can really throw you off when it comes from someone who’s sitting across from you at the family dinner table. You’re in mid chew and were only concerned with finishing what’s on your plate when you have to get your thoughts together and reveal your master plan. But what you really want to say is you see yourself not being asked such an annoying question in five years.

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?

Unless this question is coming from your gynecologist, this definitely can create an awkward moment in the conversation. Especially if you’re sitting across from your first date and he’s trying to get to know you by asking about how many men you’ve been with. No one wants to start a potential relationship with a lie but you don’t want to tell this stranger your business either.

How Old Are You Now?

Once you graduate from college or start living life as an adult, this question becomes inappropriate. Unless you’re getting carded after ordering a round of drinks or are trying to get into a club, it’s rude to ask a lady her age. And even then the bartender or bouncer looks at your ID instead of asking such a rude question. Of course when you’re asked this you really want to reply sarcastically, “Old enough.”

When Are You Moving Out?

If you’re like a lot of people, this rough economy had a negative effect on your life and you either had to move back home after losing your job or you never moved out at all because you couldn’t find a decent job after graduating from college. Sure, you want to get your own place but you just can’t afford to move out right now. But that doesn’t stop your parents’ friends from asking you when are you moving out every time they stop by to visit.

When Are You Going To Start Taking Life Seriously?

This question is sometimes followed after a night of partying and hanging out. Just because you went out to blow some serious steam and just let loose for one night doesn’t mean that you’re not taking life seriously. No one sees you waking up at five in the morning to start your day or juggling two jobs just to barely make ends meet while still staying in debt. But you stumbling in after the sun rises certainly draws attention.

Do You Miss Me? (If You Happen To Run Across An Old Flame)

Have you ever run into an ex or an old flame who just broke your heart and although it took you a very long time to get over it, you realized that the relationship was one of the worst periods in your life and you’re much better off alone? And then you run into your old paramour and question what you saw in that person in the first place and laugh it off  and then he asks you if you miss him or still think about him and you’re like, why?

How Did You Get This Number?

It happens to the best of us. We have a chance meeting with a guy who we just swear up and down is the right one, the one we have been waiting for. The conversation is great and numbers are exchanged with the promise of getting together next week for an official first date. But it’s a couple days and you haven’t heard from him. You decide to put your big girl panties on and make the first call. And when you do, not only does he not remember that chance meeting, he also wants to know, “How did you get this number?”

Is That The Look You Were Going For?

Have you ever bought an outfit or an article of clothing and you’re so excited you just can’t wait to wear it? But when you do someone comes right up to you and manages to take the wind out of your sail and all of the confidence that you had while wearing your new purchase by making a comment like, “Is that the look you were going for?” or “Is it supposed to look like that?” Violence is never the answer but a comment like that makes you want to lay hands on the offending party.

When Are You Going To Lose Some Weight?

We have all been embroiled in the battle of the bulge at one time or another and not everyone has walked away a winner. Trying to lose weight is no easy feat and it’s even harder to keep the extra pounds off. It’s both rude and annoying when someone asks you, as they poke you in the side or the stomach, how’s the diet going. Especially when they know you’re not dieting and that was a not so thinly veiled hint.

When Are You Going Back To Church?

Religion can be a very personal thing and we don’t really know the next person’s relationship with God. Just because you stopped going to church doesn’t mean you’re any less religious or spiritual. But people will look at you sideways and swear you’re a totally different person just because you stopped going to the house of the Lord. And you could hear the judgment oozing out of their voice.

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