Mike Brown’s Friend Who Was With Him The Day He Was Killed Speaks On His Disappointment With The Grand Jury Decision

November 25, 2014  |  

While there have been many people who have said they witnessed Mike Brown’s death on August 9, no one truly knows what happened aside from the victim, and officer Darren Wilson.

And Dorian Johnson.

Johnson, 22, is a friend of Brown’s who was with the 18-year-old when he was gunned down by Wilson. He’s spoken on more than one occasion about what he saw on that day, and claims that after Wilson (who was in his patrol SUV) grabbed Brown, the two had a ‘tug of war’ of sorts and Wilson ended up shooting the 18-year-old. Brown was able to run after getting free, even though he was shot, but Johnson claims that when they started running, officer Wilson shot Brown again. According to Johnson’s story, Brown turned around and told Wilson that he didn’t have a gun and put his hands in the air, telling Wilson to stop shooting, but the officer continued to shoot the teen, killing him.

So after finding out with the rest of the nation that Wilson would not be indicted for killing Brown, how did he feel? Johnson spoke briefly to ABC News yesterday and shared his thoughts on the decision, on the protests (non-violent and violent), and what happens now when it comes to getting justice for Mike Brown.

“I’m very disappointed, angry. But not to where I can’t contain it. I can control myself. I’m just so angry about the outcome of the situation. It’s just real hard to take right now.

I love the support from everyone, everywhere. All the people that came out. The protesters, the good, the bad. I love the fact that they showed up. The fact that they  were there to show their support means a lot to me, and hopefully it means a lot to the Brown family. I don’t condone violence on no type of level, but like I said, I do understand the anger. I feel the same anger they are feeling. I just feel like it could have been me down there dead. It could have been me shot, laying in the street and my killer walks free. As bad as it is, the looting and the violence, it’s sending a message that we see everything and we do feel pain. They’re just trying to show their pain through others.

The fight doesn’t stop here. Hopefully everybody that showed up and protested tonight and all the other nights, they’ll still continue to support and help fight the cause and bring peace back to the community that we need.

To me, definitely, no indictment means no justice. We definitely was looking for an indictment so that we could take the further step to seeing justice prevail. It’s hurtful to think that someone can be murdered and their killer walk away free.”

Check out his interview with ABC News below and share your thoughts:

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