Cynthia And Porsha Go Head-To-Head, Apollo Seeks Divorce Counsel While Phaedra Learns The Truth About His Lies: RHOA Recap, Ep. 3

November 24, 2014  |  
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Who knew Cynthia could be so nasty, so rude? *in a NeNe voice*
But that’s what we learned this week after watching the scorned friend go head-to-head with Porsha. Let’s talk about that, and a lot more in this week’s recap of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Phaedra Learns The Truth About Apollo’s Lies

Kandi meets up with Porsha and Phaedra to share the latest gossip, and that includes all that went down at Cynthia’s Ebony magazine party. They chat about everyone who showed up for the shindig (and Porsha had some shade to throw about not being invited), including Apollo. Kandi shares with her best friend that Apollo admitted to lying about pretty much everything when it comes to Kenya, and Phaedra is taken aback by the information, calling it not just f**kery, but “f**kation,” a new word. Surprisingly, she had some sympathy for Kenya: “If it wasn’t true I owe her an apology…Poor Kenya.”

Kenya Wants Folks To Beg For Forgiveness…

Kenya meets up with her gorgeous aunt Lori to revel in the apology she got from Apollo, which vindicated her of the ‘whoredom’ Phaedra was always accusing her of taking part in. She tells Lori that if the ladies are apologetic for the way they treated her and for believing in Apollo’s lies, she’s consider forgiving them. But her aunt tells her that being so petty is not the way to go. She tells her to act like like a grown up, wipe everyone’s slate clean and kill folks with kindness.

Cynthia Shades The Hell Out Of Porsha…Behind Her Back

While cooking dinner, Cynthia and Peter chat about her party, including who wasn’t invited, specifically Porsha. And for another week, Cynthia is celebrating her freedom from NeNe, but claiming that Porsha is trying to take the spot she used to have as NeNe’s plaything: “I know the game because I’ve been running up behind NeNe for years. You’re puppeteer #2…When I moved out the penthouse suite of NeNe’s a**  I think she moved in. I hope she enjoys her stay.” Cynthia is feistier than usual, even claiming that the saline from Porsha’s breast implants went to her brain. When Peter tells her that she might want to watch what she says, she lets him know that she’s the same Cynthia–she’s just not taking anybody’s sh*t anymore…


Kandi And Todd Bicker Over Babies

We’re invited into Kandi and Todd’s bedroom after what I guess was one of their colorful sex sessions (I know you peeped all those Bedroom Kandi sex toys splayed out on the bed). But the conversation we walk in on is a serious one: babies. We know that Kandi is serious about trying to have a baby and very soon at that (“I’m 38, I don’t want to be 40 having babies. I’m trying to knock this out!”), but Todd? Not so much. He lets her know that his work schedule won’t necessarily work with having a baby right now, but Kandi lets him know that he needs to make the time. With his daughter Kaela moving into their home from NYC, it’s especially important to her that he makes himself available.

Ladies And Gents, Meet Claudia Jordan

So this is the first episode where we get to actually learn something about Claudia Jordan, and boy, do we learn a lot (maybe more than we needed to…)! The biracial beauty queen talks about growing up in Rhode Island and being criticized for being mixed. She also shares that she used to be married, but that was a horrible experience. So she’s divorced and back out on the prowl, and with her strong personality, she can’t deal with weak men. We learn very quickly that Claudia has quite the sense of humor and will definitely be one who won’t take sh*t. I can see why she’s going to bump heads with NeNe…

Claudia And Kandi Talk About Their Struggle To Find Love

During Claudia and Kandi’s chat while searching for furniture for Claudia’s new ATL home, we learn two interesting things:

Kenya and her African Prince (the one who used to buy her Bentleys and what not) are done. She says that neither party would compromise when it came to moving to be closer to the other party. So while she offers to help Claudia find her Mr. Right, she admits that finding her own companion hasn’t been easy.

Also, we learn that Claudia was having such rough sex back in the day that one suitor knocked her crown out of her mouth. As she put it, “He’s probably walking around telling people he f**ked the tooth out of my mouth.” Talk about TMI…

NeNe Returns To Atlanta To Get The Tea From Porsha

NeNe returned from her work in Las Vegas and her first on-screen stop is Porsha’s house. In hilarious NeNe fashion, she points out that despite the fact that her friend Porsha is out here driving Rolls Royces, the doorbell for her mansion doesn’t even work. Priorities all kind of backwards. But the ladies sit down and Porsha tells her about Apollo lying on Kenya, and that Phaedra is thinking about apologizing to Kenya for such lies. NeNe isn’t trying to hear that: “You and Apollo jumped in the pool in Anguilla. You said ‘Apollo is fine!’ And I’m supposed to apologize? No b***h!”

They also talk about the fact that Cynthia didn’t invite either of them to her party, and that, according to Porsha, Cynthia’s out here trying to outdo the Instagram thots with her Ebony spread. Phaedra says that she doesn’t respect Cynthia because the model doesn’t think for herself, but for the sake of a good scene I guess, she says that she’s going to call Cynthia to meet up and try to hash things out…

Apollo Seeks Divorce Counsel, Says He Loves But Despises Phaedra…

As Phaedra takes care of her sons, and is captured playing with them in a pool, Apollo is out in these streets trying to seek consultation so he can file for divorce. He meets with Randy Kessler, the same friggin’ attorney everyone on the show has met up with at some point (thanks a lot NeNe). During that conversation, he admits how unhappy he is with his marriage because he feels Phaedra hasn’t been loyal to him. But he has his reservations about filing for divorce: “I wake up in the morning saying I need a divorce…but I don’t want that to be a selfish move based on me cause I have children.” Kessler tells him that if he wants to end things, he might want to file before she ends up doing it. But Apollo is still torn about what to do, sharing this very confused viewpoint about his marriage: “I despise everything about her but I still love her.”


Todd’s Daughter Kaela Moves In, And Riley Isn’t Excited

Kaela comes from NYC to live with her dad, her new stepmom and Kandi’s daughter Riley, and the big happy family has a conversation about expectations. Kaela, who has just graduated and turned 18, says she wants to start a clothing line. Riley is out here trying to get $100 a week in allowance. It’s safe to say they’re both doing the most with some of their expectations, and that should have been something they bonded over. But the age difference and just not knowing each other well enough seems to keep the walls up. When Kaela says that she wants to have a curfew of 1 or 2 a.m., Riley interjects to say that’s way too late. When Kaela tells her that when she turns 18 she will understand, Riley lets her know that she won’t be asking for curfew times because she will be in college.

The force (as in shade) is strong with young Riley.

Cynthia And Porsha Finally Throw Their Meanest Shade Face-To-Face

So Porsha and Cynthia finally agree to meet up, but Porsha is late as hell. As in an hour late. Already not feeling Porsha, Cynthia is pissed, and rightfully so, but when she finally arrives, Cynthia doesn’t give her a chance to even apologize. When the two start to talk about why they don’t get along anymore, throwing out accusations of flip-flopping over the fight between Porsha and Kenya, Cynthia is probably the most crunk that she’s ever been and throws some mighty sharp jabs at times: “I’m looking at your face with longer hair and a longer chin but it sounded like NeNe…You have a problem with me, but everyone can call you dumber than snot and it’s okay.” In the end, their meeting doesn’t help them come together, and in fact, it makes things a lot worse between the ladies. As Cynthia concludes: “You say something crazy about me, I’m gonna say something crazy about you.”

Guess this means war…?

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