Male Scientists Launch Product To Make Vaginas Smell Like Peaches

November 23, 2014  |  

If you are looking to change how your vagina smells, two scientists have come to your rescue! Both Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome plan to launch a probiotic supplement that will help women change their vaginal scent to the sweet smell of  peaches.

Inc. reports Heinz and Gome debut their product at the DEMO conference in San Jose, California. In their presentation, the scientists outlined how women will be able to genetically change the scent of their genitals. The product will be made by Cambrian Genomics’ DNA printing technology and will be financed via a crowdfunding campaign platform named Tilt. Besides making vaginas smell like St. Ives, the product Sweet Peach will prevent women from suffering from yeast infections or health problems that are caused microorganisms.

In his presentation, Heinz shared:

“The idea is personal empowerment. All your smells are not human. They’re produced by the creatures that live on you. We think it’s a fundamental human right to not only know your code and the code of the things that live on you but also to write your own code and personalize it.”

Heinz noted he and Gome chose peach as a scent in order to connect women better to their genitals. The smell will also allow the consumer to know the product is working properly. The two scientists decided to focus on changing the scent of women’s genitals because “it is less complicated and more stable. “ They also noted, it is easier to test their probiotic supplement on the vagina because it only has one interference per month.

Across social media sites, women have debunked Heinz and Gome’s product, finding it offensive that two male scientists aspire to change how women naturally smell.

Do you find this new product offensive? Listen to Heinz and Gome’s presentation below.

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