Floyd Mayweather’s Son Recalls Abuse, Tells USA Today Dad Is “A Coward”

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Floyd Mayweather’s son and his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris have just divulged rather damning details of life with the 37-year-old boxing champ to USA Today — not as though The Money Team leader has such a great rep these days anyway. It’s no secret Floyd put his hands on Josie when the pair was a couple, in fact he spent 90 days in jail for it, but the sad details she shared along with her son, Koraun, who talked about being locked in his room when his dad put his hands on his mother and calling the cops to make him stop are truly heartbreaking. Check out the excerpts below.

Josie on she and Floyd not having a relationship outside of him picking up the kids occasionally

“(It means) I don’t have to take a Xanax before he comes, otherwise I will be sweating bullets. For some reason I still get anxiety when I know that he is on his way. I have no idea why, but I get really overwhelmed when I know that I have to be around him.”

On Floyd beating her on six different occasions

“I was a battered woman. I felt embarrassed about saying I was a battered woman. I felt shame. I felt like it was my fault. What did I do? I didn’t understand what a battered woman was at that time. Now I know I was in a very dysfunctional, hostile relationship and a victim of domestic violence.”

On Floyd seeing his relationship with women as ownership

“When I was in it I didn’t realize that. I was like, ‘Yeah, you are my only friend, we are a ride or die team,’ and now I am like, no, I shouldn’t have been isolated from my family and friends. (There were) the threats. After he would do something that would be inappropriate, feeling like he could make it up by buying me a pair of shoes and a handbag.”

“When he is comparing women to cars … it is gross. I wonder when he lays his head on that pillow at night, does he ever think about ‘you know I have got an 11-year-old beautiful little girl that is going to grow up and start dating men. Do I want her to start dating men like me?’

“I wonder, does he ever question himself?”

On whether she misses the lifestyle that came along with dating Floyd

“Yeah, I would like to have a private jet. I have only got one car but it fits all of us, it gets us around. It is a nice, safe vehicle, and I wouldn’t trade going back into an abusive situation to be able to fly on private jets and run around with Hermes bags and nice shoes. I would rather be barefooted, on the beach, in a tent.”

Her advice to Ray Rice’s wife, Janay

“I would definitely want to just tell her, to please, please, educate (yourself). What it is that is keeping her in that relationship, make sure it’s worth it. Because if they don’t get the proper help together, then the chance of it happening again is very high.”

Even after Josie and Floyd were no longer in a relationship, the abuse continued. Josie said Floyd was unhappy she was dating a new man and came to her house twice in one night to question her. Initially, the two argued and Josie called the cops who made Floyd leave. But around 4 am he returned and began screaming at her, grabbing her hair, reading text messages between her and NBA player C.J. Watson, and eventually kicking and punching her so much so she had to be treated at the hospital. Kouran, she said is the one who saved her from the abuse that night and he told USA Today as much.

Kouran on letting his dad in the house the night of the altercation

“(My dad) said to lock my door and stay in my room. I sat there and thought about what I was going to do next. Just for like a minute. So I ran and I tried to go through the front door to go to the (security) gate. But then his friend (james McNair) came through the door and blocked off the stairway for me to go through. Then I went back into my room and locked the door and then ran back out my bathroom and then hopped over the gate and went to the main entrance gate. I just told (the guard) that my mom was getting hurt and to call the ambulance and the police.”

On his dad refusing to admit he abused his mom

“He is a coward.”

Check out the full interview here.

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