“Make Sure That Prenup Is Airtight” Sherri Shepherd Shares What She’s Learned From Her Two Divorces

November 14, 2014  |  

We root for Sherri Shepherd. And it’s not hard to do so when the woman stays working. You know what they say you can’t keep a good woman down. Even though it certainly seems like her ex husbands have tried.

But we’ll get to that later.

Since leaving “The View,” Sherri has appeared on Broadway as the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella, will pop up in Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five and has a 10 episode character arc on TV Land’s “Soul Man,” alongside bestie Niecy Nash. She’s on the move.

Recently in an interview with Uptown Magazine Sherri sat down to reflect on some of the lessons she’s learned over the years from everyone including her son Jeffrey, from other people in the industry and her two divorces.

The best piece of advice I’ve gotten…

was never let anyone drive your car who couldn’t immediately pay if they damaged it. ‘I’m sorry’ won’t get you to work.

The hardest lesson to learn…

is that I don’t have to take the weight of the world on my shoulders. I can’t take the weight of Christians, African Americans and of women. Being on The View, I would frequently have people who vehemently disagreed with my stance and would take to social media and fire vicious rants at me. I had to learn that I only have to please an audience of one: God.

Being single again…

I wonder, ‘Oh Lord, where do I start? How did I get back to this place?’ Now I’m back at all the singles ministries in church. When I got married, I got to sit in church and enjoy all the sermons. Now, [I’m] ushering and teaching Sunday School. Now I’m expected to do clean-up because all the married folks figure I have nothing better to do.

The lessons that two divorces have taught me…

are to get a chair, sit down somewhere and take the time to heal. Don’t make decisions out of fear. It’s okay to be alone. And make sure that the pre-nup is airtight, baby!

Last week, when Niecy Nash appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show,” Wendy asked her if she felt guilty for introducing Sherri to her soon to be ex husband, Lamar Sally. Niecy didn’t really introduce them, she just hosted a matchmaking party where they two ran into each other. Niecy responded interestingly saying, no because with the space Sherri was in, she would have picked a man similar to Lamar, whether she met him at her party or not.

And it seems, based on Sherri’s own answer that may have indeed been the case.

Leaving The View

was bittersweet, exciting and scary. Seven years I was there and the cast and crew became a family to me. They embraced me when I moved to New York City not knowing anyone. Barbara Walters pushed me past my limits and challenged me. Every single day for about three years, I would go into my dressing room and cry because I felt I did not belong at that table. But her pushing me brought out a confidence where I could sit at that table and say ‘No. Let me finish.’ Barbara came to respect me, and if you ask her she will say, ‘Sherri always did her research, was always prepared and was the co-host who’d grown the most.’

Having a special needs child…

made me more compassionate, more patient. I put him on a track team this year to work on his socialization skills. Jeffrey found me in the sea of parents and screamed “Mommy, I’m scared but I’m going to be brave.” Through tears I saw my baby run. He finished last, but he held his fingers up in the victory sign. He taught me that if I fall, as long as I get back up and finish, I am a winner.


You can read the rest of Sherri’s interview with Uptown here.

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