14 Things That Occur When You Start Back Working Out

December 3, 2014  |  
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For anyone who used to work out consistently, but then took a long hiatus, getting back into the swing of things can be a little… interesting.  Some things are harder than you anticipated, and you realize that your mind has to catch up with your current body (not the one you used to have or, the one you’re delusional to think that you still have.  No shade, I have to remind myself I’m not as small as I used to be every time I go jean shopping, but that’s a different post).

Here are 14 things that tend to occur when you get back to your gym rat ways.  Let me know if you can relate, or what you noticed when you start back working out.


You first start off feeling like you can take on the world!  This gym life isn’t new to you!  You’re about to show up, and show out like you used to!

But then comes the moment of the shattered illusion:

Once you start back working out you’re reminded of just how long your hiatus was, and how you need to start off slowly.


You notice how everyone else seems to really know what they’re doing, so you try to keep up.


You might get a little resentful of how everyone else has progressed without you, while you have enjoyed your hiatus (and food) a little too much.


Then you begin to really notice all of those people taking selfies in the mirror while you’re trying to get your reps in.

“Do you really need to do that now?”

But Once you realize that the only person that you need to be competing with is yourself, that’s when the progress starts…

You know that there’s an improved you inside, you just have to visualize it before you can become it.

You realize that you might not know all of the steps, but as long as you join in you’re making some progress.

But you’re gonna have those moments after a great workout and you look in the mirror and see that your stomach might still have some hang time, or you’re not seeing as much definition in your arms as you thought you would be now.  It’s going to deflate you a little.



You’re also very aware of every tasty thing that you used to indulge in and miss, like a bad boyfriend/girlfriend.

It seems like everyone is eating without you.


You know that it takes some time, but it’s still disappointing and can make you tempted to just give up and continue your life of food and television.

However, change comes with persistence, and even if you’re not seeing the results that you wanted to as fast as you thought you would, you are making progress.  Suck it up and try to keep going.


You’ve made the transition before, and you know that you can do it again.  Just keep going, the soreness will turn into see-able progress and going to the gym will begin to start being fun again.

You can do it!

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