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After a few years of living in NYC, I’ve decided not to ride the subway past 1:00 a.m. if I don’t have to. When I first moved here, I hung out late, and while trying to get my low funds together, I would bypass cabs to take the subway home. But now? Hell no. Sometimes the aversion to seeing the violence, drunken arguments and projectile vomiting keeps me from leaving the house after a certain time, but I prefer it at this point. If you’ve broken up one wild fight between young people, you’ve broken up too many (it wasn’t pretty).

So when I saw this video of a girl riding the F train, taunting a man for his bad sense of style as her friends gassed her up, and watched as she was struck in the end, I wasn’t surprised. As always, with the encouragement (or instigation that is) of friends, people think it’s cute to talk crazy to anybody any kind of way, not knowing who they’re dealing with and what could happen. Rule number one to living in NYC: assume everyone is crazy and keep your head down (or keep a mean-mug face on).

We don’t get to see why these individuals started verbally sparring with one another, but when the video starts, the young woman is making fun of the man’s style, including his 8-ball jacket. Her friends laugh and talk loudly while he just stands there, wrapped around a pole nodding. Because she’s holding Steve Madden shoes in her hand, the man videotaping this whole scene on his phone tells her, “Don’t nobody wear Steve Maddens no more!” So she gets up and slaps his phone out of his hand more than once. From there, the initial target of her attacks asks why she is behaving the way she does, and he sounds as though he might have hearing problems. She tells him that he sounds “stupid” and he calls her a “b***h.” In retaliation for the brief embarrassment, the young woman uses her heels to hit the guy in the back of the head. From there, he goes all the way off.

In the clip, the minute he slaps her in the face, the jaws of the people riding the train, which was around 4:16 in the morning, drop. A huge fight ensues as the woman’s male friend tries to defend her honor, only to get beat up by the taunted man. The woman’s other friends also try to jump the man, but two other men on the train break up the melee. One side of the car is obviously disgusted, as some immediately move away from the scene. And the other side is entertained, yelling (“Oh sh*t!”) and laughing.

And while such scenes are disturbing (the clear force of the man’s slap literally sent her flying back), I can’t help but feel that had she kept her hands to herself and stopped trying to show out for friends and a train car that wouldn’t probably remember her once they got home and got in the bed, that whole scene wouldn’t have happened. Alas, she is like many people I used to encounter on my late night trips around the city some years back, and a big reason why I stay my black a** in the house with my man and my Netflix.

Check out the clip for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

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