“I Don’t Want To Be In This Relationship No More” Phaedra And Apollo’s Marriage Implodes After Sentencing: RHOA Premiere Recap

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” is back! There are new cast members and there is new drama, but before we can get to all that, we have to get over the big a** elephant in the room. Yes, episode one, for the most part, was dedicated to dealing with Apollo Nida’s legal troubles, the aftermath of his sentencing and how his choices have impacted his relationship with Phaedra Parks. By the end the of the episode the D-word was even used: “divorce.” So let’s talk about it, and everything that went on in the premiere episode.


NeNe Gets Her Hustle On And Kandi Is Now Kandi Burruss-Tucker

After being looked at as something of a major negative Nancy last season, NeNe Leakes is doing her best to avoid the drama as long as she can. As the episode opens, Leakes is in Las Vegas preparing for her role in the Cirque du Soleil show “Zumanity,” getting her hair and makeup done. So while other cast members spend their time talking about her (which we will talk about in a few slides), she’s counting them checks.

And married life has begun for Kandi Burruss-Tucker! It’s already come with big changes, including Todd Tucker’s daughter coming to live with the couple. The two have a conversation about how they parent after Kandi asks her hubby if he will give his daughter his old Range Rover. While Kandi showers her daughter, Riley, with gifts to make up for times when she can’t be present (including two 60-inch TVs), he doesn’t want to spoil his own daughter. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in seeing how this new family dynamic will work out with all four people under the same roof…and what Mama Joyce will have to say about it.

Phaedra Avoids Apollo’s Sentencing

On one of the biggest days of Apollo’s life (even though he has been around this block before…), Phaedra decides that the best thing for her and sons Ayden and Dylan, is to head out of town and into a hotel. Her mother pays her a visit, and Phaedra says that she’s handling such a messy situation the best way she can, and trying to protect her kids from not only the paparazzi, but their family’s harsh new reality: “Apollo’s actions constitute the ultimate betrayal. I trusted him and I thought he was a changed man.” In her mind, being present for the sentencing won’t change anything, even if Apollo could use the support…

Apollo Feels Betrayed By His Wife

Chilling by himself in the couple’s huge home while preparing to find out his fate, Apollo is heated: “The woman I thought was supposed to be there for me and cherish me is nowhere to be found.” Nida says that he would have appreciated being able to at least see his sons and “love on” his wife, even if they weren’t going to be able to stand by him in court. Someone there to stand by him though is his brother, who while surprised by Phaedra’s decision, reminds Apollo that he’s also mad at him for the very poor choices he made–again. But the little brother, along with Apollo’s mother, Katrina, stand by him on a very stressful day.

So Cynthia And Kenya Are BFFs Now…

After falling out with NeNe, Cynthia Bailey decides that Kenya Moore, of all people, is the kind of friend that she needs in her life now. They sip wine at Moore’s home, discussing the fact that Moore decided to travel for a while to get away from the embarrassment of her physical fight with Porsha Williams during the RHOA reunion. And Cynthia speaks on life after NeNe, and how she felt that all she put into her friendship with her former BFF was taken for granted: “What else was I supposed to do? Crawl up and live in her butt?!” Of course, Kenya is overjoyed by this new Cynthia–that is, this new anti-NeNe Cynthia. Well played, Kenya. Well, played indeed…

Porsha Is Moving On From The Reunion Brawl, And Isn’t Offering An Apology To Kenya

Free from her divorce proceedings and trying to move on after trying to snatch Kenya’s hair out of her head at the reunion, Porsha Williams is focusing on her business ventures, and that includes taking pictures for her new hair line. Make that, taking pictures for her virgin hair weave line in a revealing swimsuit. Kandi pays her a visit and says that the old Porsha, the married one that is, would never have been able to walk around with her new breasts on blast and her booty all out. But this is the new Porsha, remember? And she’s loving her new look, and not apologizing about her past behavior. She takes responsibility for it, but she’s just not apologizing to Kenya: “I know Kenya wants some sort of of apology, but will one ever come out of Porsha’s mouth? No.”

Post-Sentencing, Apollo Goes To See Todd And Kandi, They Question

Once news spreads about Apollo’s eight-year sentence, fellow RHOA cast members are surprised that Phaedra didn’t at least go to sentencing with him. No one’s conversation was more in depth than Kandi and Todd’s, as both parties are close with Phaedra and Apollo. Todd felt that no matter what the couple had been through, Phaedra should have been there. But Kandi says that Phaedra had her reasons (he hasn’t been the best husband), so as a friend, she will support that decision.

After dining with his mother and brother, Apollo surprises the hell out of Kandi when his first stop after that is too see Todd–NOT Phaedra and his sons. He tells the both of them that out of eight years, he thinks he will really only serve five. And he tells Todd that he doesn’t know if his marriage will survive not only his jail time, but Phaedra not being there for him during such a dark time: “Not one f**king phone call from my wife to say, ‘how are you?’ ‘How are you doing?’ Nothing.'”

Without NeNe, Cynthia Has More Time On Her Hands–Err, I Mean, With Peter

Cynthia is one flawless woman, I’ll give her that. But I’m hoping that her entire storyline this season won’t only revolve around NeNe, because ain’t nobody got time for that. But hey, maybe it won’t. According to her, ever since she parted ways with NeNe, she has more time to spend with her husband, Peter Thomas, and the two are even talking about being business partners after getting close after BarOne’s issues. Looks like happy days are here again for the couple…

Phaedra Returns Home, And A Major Argument Ensues About Support, Money And Phae Phae’s “Good Name”

Now this scene was where the most drama came from in the premiere episode. Two days after his sentencing, Phaedra and her kids, with her mom tagging along, returns to her home with Apollo. He was there, playing pool, ready to let her know how trifling he thought she was for not standing by him. “Family is supposed to stick by each other.” But she reminds him that he wasn’t thinking of his family when he decided to get involved in bank fraud, put his freedom on the line and leave his sons with an absent father. From there, the conversation goes left. Apollo says that Phaedra was stingy with her money (“Every time you got paid, you’ve run off with the check”), and she says that he has ruined the reputation she has worked so hard for: “I’m interested in my good name that I had PRIOR TO YOU!”

Apollo Wants Out Of His Marriage

In the end, the conversation goes nowhere (except into uglier territory), and Apollo lets Phaedra know that he’s done with their marriage. Not only is he done, but when he gets out of jail, he says that she’s going to have to pony up on the checks or something, because he’s not returning home to a cramped apartment. “I don’t want to be in this relationship no more. I will talk to divorce counsel and I will go my own way.” But what he doesn’t realize is that Phaedra, well, she cares not: “This is the first time that Apollo has mentioned a divorce, and if that’s what he wants, bon voyage!”

MadameNoire Gets A Shout Out!

So what did you think of the premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”? We loved it, but only because your girls got a shout out of sorts in the episode! In case you missed it, our story about Porsha Williams turning herself in to police after that reunion fight was featured. Logo on fleek! (just kidding)

Well, as always, we’ll be back next week to continue chatting about this season’s shenanigans. Talk about episode one below!

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