Inventive New Tricks Women Are Using To Stay Safe While Online Dating

October 31, 2014  |  
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It can be rough out there in the online dating world — in more ways than one. But that doesn’t mean you have to close your laptop forever. Women in 2014 have come up with these tricks that will keep anyone safe while dating online.

Custom Photos

Online daters of the stalker variety can use your favorite stock selfie to find information about you from every social media page that it’s listed on? All they have to do is search for that photo on the internet.

So if you want to keep your personal information (or real name) a secret until you know someone in person, take a custom photo just for the online dating site.

Go Incognito

In 2014, the standard first step to online dating is to switch all of your social networking sites to private. So if he does Google your name, he can’t dig too deeply into your personal business.

Keep Everything On A Need To Know Basis

Nowadays, dating profiles only get the most necessary deets. They need to know what city you live in, but not your street. Scour your page for any personal information — in print or text — that could give a potential stalker a clue to where you live.

The Designated Safety Net

She’s like a designate driver, except she keeps you safe from sketchy dates. Give her the name, number and social media account link before you go on your date. That way, if something happens, you’ll know help is on the way.

The Publicity Stunt

Sticking to crowded places is the new intimate dinner at his place. And until you feel like you know him well enough, it’s a great dating policy to stick to.

The Post Game Detour

After a few creepy online daters pretended to stand up their dates only to follow them home, smart women adopted the post-game detour.

Instead of heading home after a bad date or a bad case of getting stood up, head to a guy friend’s house instead of your own. If there is anyone following you, they won’t get what they’re after.

The 7-Day Probation Period

The 7-day probation period is a week of strictly texting and talking before you agree to meet him in person. In the dicey world of online dating, he’s guilty until he’s proven innocent. And keeping things at a safe distance for a week will give you enough time to find out if he’s crazy before you agree to be around him.

The Hard No

No savvy online dater would be caught leaving the house without a little protection in her purse. Tasers, pepper spray and other purse-sized protection devices are the best last resort to make sure that no means no.

The Zero Tolerance Policy

There are a lot of OK Cupid dates that have ended abruptly before the appetizers arrive. If you’re going to date online, you’ve got to get great at listening to your instincts.

At your first inkling that something is off with the guy sitting across from you, pretend you’re going to the ladies room and then make a bee line for he exit.

Don’t Give It Up

Your data that is. Nowadays, financial scammers have upped their game and now pose as potential dates. Anyone who asks you for money, your birth date, social security number or any other sketchy information should be blocked immediately.

Three Drink Maximum

A drink is a great way to soothe your nerves on a first date. But if you’re on an online date, put the three drink maximum into effect. It will keep you sharp enough to know if something’s fishy.

Drive Yourself

Your mother has been telling you not to ride with strangers for years — here’s no reason to stop listening now. Even if you have to hail a cab, it’s a good idea to get there yourself.

Stay Local

Last year it was slow food, this year it’s slow dating. Keep your online romances within city limits and you’ll cut out a lot of scammers who target women who live far away because they’re less likely to get caught.

Start A Hotel Policy

You should keep to local. But if your heart leads you beyond city limits, always stay in a hotel. Plan to drive yourself to and from and don’t let him know where you’re staying until you know him well enough to feel comfortable.

Become An Amateur Dectective

Once you get his name, Google it. It’s the easiest way to make sure that the picture on his profile matches his name. If it doesn’t, walk away. He’s either terribly insecure, a scammer or criminal. And either way, you wan’t nothing to do with him.

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