Boyfriends, Bullets And Bitsy: The Scandal 407 Recap

October 31, 2014  |  
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I thoroughly enjoyed “Scandal” last night. I experienced so many different emotions watching the episode. Frustration, sadness, validation, and even some happiness. And then there was this beautiful, beautiful moment when Olivia checked Fitz’s misogyny when he called Abby a bitch for basically calling him out on his foolish and brutish treatment of Jake.

This line right here:

Gospel truth.

Check out the other memorable moments from the episode.

Get the bullet out of that dead president’s brain

While Fitz is nursing the wounds in his hand after pummeling Jake, Mellie informs him that one of the former presidents has passed away. So they’ll be expected to put on a good front. She’s actually showering and dressing herself these days. At the news that the president died, a prisoner asks Olivia help him prove his innocence in the assassination attempt on the now deceased president. He hopes it will get him off of death row. He was convicted  and believes extracting the bullet from the president’s brain will help exonerate him. Olivia decides to take his case on, much to David Rosen’s chagrin.


Meanwhile, back at the White House, the fallen president’s wife Bitsy comes to speak to Mellie. She seems like a sweet, old widowed lady until the cameras leave the room. Within minutes, she tells Mellie to fall back so she can do the work of planning the funeral. We quickly learn that Bitsy is so used to leading because that’s exactly what she was doing while her husband was in office. While he was out philandering with different women, she was the acting president. And the saddest part about all of this, is that her legacy, as she told Mellie: “I will be remembered as the wife of a man who did something with his life.”

Daddy Pope

Daddy Pope’s diabolical reign has yet to end. Now, that Jake is in the president’s custody, he has all of the cards to play. But in order to see his plan to kill Jake come to completion, he has to be in Fitz’s ear. After he tells Fitz not to let anyone sway him on his decisions, he convinces Fitz to turn Jake over to him, so he can kill him…off record. And then to add insult to injury, he convinces FItz to let Olivia see Jake, so she can stop matyr-ing him in her mind.

Olivia visits Jake

Taking Daddy Pope and Abby’s suggestions into consideration, Fitz decides to allow Olivia to see Jake. She walks in to find a man who has been physically and emotionally defeated. His eye is swollen shut and he has scars and dried blood all over his face. Olivia might have had some questions she wanted to ask but Jake, believing he’s going to die, tells her to make sure he sends the money in his bank account to his mother. It was a heartbreaking scene. And the final nail in the coffin came when he told Olivia what we’ve all been thinking for some time now. “We both know in the end, you’re not going to choose me. And that’s okay.”

Such a shame when a woman loves a lesser man. Someone noted the difference in Jake’s conversation with Daddy Pope’s and Fitz’s. Fitz told Daddy Pope he knows how Olivia tastes and Jake told Daddy Pope he loves her.

Homeboy was lying

Actually, Olivia was wrong to take on the accused assassin’s case. Because the man was lying the whole entire time. Once the autopsy confirmed that the bullet did indeed come from his gun, Olivia comes back to question him. And his face shifted in a way that was so very, very disturbing, as he told her that he wanted to go down on the list of people who took down–or tried to take down– American presidents. And now that they proved it belonged to him, he’d finally have that title. It was very sick. And Olivia flew out of that room.

David gets to be Olivia Pope

David tried to warn Olivia that the autopsy was going to prove that the bullet belonged to the convicted man. But she wasn’t trying to hear it. And when she learned the truth, she came and told Rosen he was right. Olivia was confused, saying she looked in his eyes and didn’t believe he was guilty. David read the mess out of her:  “This was why our justice system is not based on looking into people’s eyes.” He reminded Olivia that it felt good to be right and  that he’d finally won one against her.

Huck and his son

I knew immediately when I saw Huck playing video games that he was playing with his son. After his wife played the hell out of him last episode, it was only right that he have some type of interaction with his son. Hopefully, there’s more to come.

Fitz decides to let Jake live

He told Jake, “Consider it my gift to the woman we love.”

Abby lets Cyrus know he’s the leak

This had to be one of my favorite moments of the episode. Cyrus has basically been a bully to Abby ever since she joined the White House staff. Meanwhile, he’s been the one who needed someone to get him together. He sent Abby on a mission to determine how their adversaries knew about an upcoming political move. Abby came back and told him that the information was probably coming from that young man who he [Cyrus] had housed in a new apartment. Cyrus’ cut buddy Michael. Cyrus was stuck on stupid. And Abby told him, “Before you head out on a witch hunt, you might want to take a look at your own back yard.”


It’s so time for Cyrus to wake up. The foolishness had gone on for too long. I’m excited to see what his response will be.

Is there hope?

Olivia wants so badly to believe that FItz is a decent person. Personally, I don’t see it but she loves that man. And when he was going on and on about how Jake destroyed them, Olivia alluded to the fact that perhaps he didn’t. That there was a way for them to get back. Fitz wanted to make sure he heard her correctly and asked her if there really was hope. Olivia says there is.


Power of the Punanny

It was so good to see Olivia exercise a bit of power this episode. With so much seeming to spiral out of her control, it was nice to know that she could at least keep Jake from being killed. Daddy Pope was shocked. But she had to let him know that she’s got that power. I’m sure, if you take a look at the clip again, you can gather what type of power she was referencing. But it’s beyond even that. Both of these men, for better or worse, love that girl… And love is a weapon Daddy Pope doesn’t completely understand or know how to use in this situation.

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