8 Habits Good Husbands Keep Up

October 31, 2014  |  
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Just because you put a ring on it doesn’t mean you can slack off on your relationship. Men, here are some habits good husbands keep up.










Run errands together

When you’re at the mall and one person needs to get something tailored, wants a pretzel and is looking for a bridesmaids dress and the other just needs some new socks and to return a blender, it’s tempting to go your separate ways and meet up when you’re done. But don’t!








Being annoyed together is good for you

Sharing an experience, even if that means being annoyed over how long you have to stand in line at the pretzel place, or how none of the dresses fit in the department store, bonds you. You’ll be on the same emotional and mental page at the end of that errands day if you ran the errands together.


Hold her hand, put your arm around her shoulders, do something. Because PDA is about more than just subtle foreplay.









It says you’re a unit

Touching her when you’re out running around reminds her your relationship is that—a relationship. It’s not just some utilitarian thing, as many relationships can become after marriage. It reminds her that her presence makes even the boring moments in life better.











Talking about sex in advance

Remember when you were dating and you’d sext each other, or tell each other all the things you wanted to do to one another when you got home from the party? Or you’d just see something related to sex and say to your partner, “That’d be fun…”?










It keeps your wife feeling desired

Everybody wants to feel like they’re a prize to be won. Your wife probably will have sex with you at the end of the night, but she doesn’t want to feel like you take that for granted, or just assume it will happen. Let her know you think about sex throughout the day, and don’t just put it in the back of your mind because you’re married and you know you’re getting laid.

Be chivalrous

Open doors for her, walk on the side of traffic, get in the cab first so it doesn’t drive off with her etc. Treat her as you would when you were first dating.













Otherwise, she feels like old news

You shouldn’t just have been chivalrous to win her over. Correction: if you stop being chivalrous after marriage, your partner will feel that was all a ploy to lock her down. She’ll feel like she loses those privileges now because you’re not afraid she’s going to go date someone else. And then she’ll feel like you flipped a switch on her.


Get her whatever you’re getting

If you stop at a coffee shop on the way home, grab her her favorite drink. If you get yourself a pastry during the day and see the shop has her favorite cupcake, box her one up for later.






Just because

Does she have a coffee machine at home and could very well make herself a cup if she needs a caffeine kick? Sure. But it’s not about getting her something because she needs it—it’s about showing her she’s always on your mind.

Plan weekends together

It’s easy to assume that now you’re married, time together will come easier to you. But that’s the opposite of true.










Or you’ll grow apart fast

Actually, once you’re married, people and life will only demand more of you. They figure, “He’s married. He can work longer hours because he is all wifeyed up now—he isn’t out trying to meet women.” If you do not put aside time to spend together, life will not give you that time.





Take the time to tease her

You might think your silence while she does her quirky habits is your way of saying, “I accept you” but she wants to feel more than accepted.








So she feels noticed and cherished

Taking the time to tease her, lovingly, when she does the things that are so her—even if she does them every day—shows her that you notice the things that make her uniquely her. No matter how long you’ve been together, she still stands out to you.













Say, “I love you”

Before you’re married, you partly say, “I love you” so that your partner knows you’re committed, since you’re not married yet. It’s a way of reminding her your feelings haven’t waned.

But after you’ve committed…

Just because your partner knows you’re committed now that you’re married doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to hear the words, “I love you.” Because hey—divorce happens. A ring doesn’t guarantee you feel stronger and stronger for her every day. She needs to hear it.

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