8 Stars Rejected By Other Celebs

October 31, 2014  |  
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Even famous people experience the pain of romantic rejection. You’d think anybody would jump at the chance to date a star but, when you’re one yourself, the red carpet is like Tinder and you can swipe left whenever you want. Here are 8 stories of stars rejected by other celebs. See if you can guess the rejecter before we reveal them.

Rejected: Justin Bieber

In case you needed another reason to find Bieber egotistical, he hits on women not only out of his league, but also out of his age range.








Rejecter: Rihanna

Bieber has admitted to asking out Rihanna when sitting next to her at an NBA game. Rihanna told the star he was too young—which we think was pretty polite considering all the other reasons she could have turned him down.




Rejected: Aaron Carter

Perhaps because his number had been blocked too many times, Carter had to resort to Twitter to declare his love for his famous ex…














Rejecter: Hilary Duff

Even after separating from her husband, Duff did not want to turn to her teenage sweetheart Carter for comfort. She’s said that his attempts to rekindle things make her uncomfortable.

Rejected: Taylor Swift

Most men are probably afraid to end up the subject of one of Swift’s songs by now. But one hunky star gave a very different reason for turning the singer down, and a reason that was probably a lie.






Rejecter: Bradley Cooper

Reportedly, Swift asked Cooper’s “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star Jennifer Lawrence to introduce the two, but Cooper turned down the meeting saying Swift was too young for him. Today, Cooper is dating someone two years younger than Swift. Ouch.









Rejected: Aziz Ansari

Apparently being funny doesn’t always trump a devilishly handsome face. Ansari managed to exchange phone numbers with one blonde starlet, but she never replied to his texts. Who gave Ansari the silent treatment?







Rejecter: Blake Lively

Not to gossip, but “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively is the type to give the slow fade out! Before marrying Ryan Reynolds, she gave Ansari her number and never replied to him.












Rejected: Lindsay Lohan

As a part of her alcoholism recovery program, Lohan wrote a list of everyone she had slept with. Of course, the list leaked, (rehab staff member looking for a little extra cash?) and it was discovered that Lohan had allegedly slept with one very big star…








Rejecter: James Franco

James Franco was on Lohan’s list, but when Franco received word of the list, he went out of his way to insist the two had never slept together—even that he’d turned Lohan down.








Rejected: James Franco

Oh, the tumultuous tables of love turn so quickly! Franco may have humiliated Lohan, but he has felt his fair share of rejection.










Rejecter: Kristen Stewart

Stewart could have cheated on Robert Pattinson with cute (and age appropriate) Franco! But nope—she turned down his dinner invitation and, as we all know, had an affair with her way-too-old director from “Snow White and the Huntsman.”






Rejected: George Clooney

We know: you need a moment to digest the fact that somebody could ever turn down Clooney. But someone did!












Rejecter: Eva Longoria

Longoria has said that Clooney was calling and texting her while he was still with another girlfriend. Longoria told Clooney loud and clear she would not be a side chick. (Okay, she didn’t use those words exactly.)









Rejected: Madonna

Is it possible somebody would turn down one of the biggest stars on the planet? And on her own birthday? Madonna’s fame didn’t win over one R&B singer…

Rejecter: D’Angelo

Reportedly, on her 39th birthday, Madonna (perhaps looking for a last hoorah before the big 40) tried to flirt with D’Angelo, but the artist had been put off by seeing Madonna kick a woman out of her seat, so she could sit down.

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