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October 28, 2014  |  
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Are Tamar And Vince Really Getting Divorced? Who really fathered Michael Jackson’s kids? Hollywood has give us a lot of questions and we kind of feel like we need answers.

Does Nicki Minaj Have A Butt Implant Or Not?

Nicki’s gone on the record as saying that all of her talents are God-given. But either that’s a shot of a round butt implant or we need to brush up on human anatomy.

Is Mr. Jenner Really Getting A Sex Change?

The Jenners keep saying it’s sexual-orientation business as usual on their side of Hollywood. And we’ve tried hard to ignore the signs, but the sudden and suspiciously friendly divorce and… well… the photographic evidence is making these rumors harder to deny.

What Really Went On Between Tiny and T.I.?

We’re glad that it looks like these two are finally patching their marriage up. But we’re still dying to know the juicy details these two did so much hinting about. Did he father a child outside of the marriage? Did Tiny cheat? We need closure.

What’s Going On With Michael Jackson’s Kids?

We know the King of Pop had a skin condition. But we also know how genetics work. Isn’t it finally time for us to ask the important question: who actually fathered these kids?

What Really Went On With Porsha’s Marriage?

Real Housewives of Atlanta may have moved on, but we’re still having trouble with getting cut off cold turkey.

We were all up in their business in Season 5, but Season 6 left us with just a few guest spots from Kordell and a few rumors about his sexual orientation — and we still don’t really know what went on.

We really need a Porsha and Kordell reunion special to let this matter rest in peace.

The Identity Of Kenya Moore’s Mystery Man

We’ve been waiting on his debut since May…

Are Tyrese and Sanaa Really Dating?

These rumors have been circulating for years. And just yesterday, TMZ reported seeing these two cozying up last week — at Hollywood’s Pizzeria Mozza on Monday and the Cheesecake Factory in Topanga on Wednesday.

ThenSanaa got caught Instagramming a shot of herself in a new pair of jeans and fans ID’s the background as Tyrese’s house…

What Really Happened Between Tyga And Chyna Blac?

These two have been trying to publicly claim “irreconcilable differences,” when asked about their breakup. But recently Tyga hinted that maybe Chyna was more into being famous than being a Mom…

He told Vibe,

“We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility.

“A lot of women watch (Love and Hip Hop) and it just takes them off the focus of what they think happiness is. As you get older the main goal is to have a family. That’s what it’s all about because you can be successful, have a lot of money, or whatever you do in life, but if you don’t have nobody to share it with, or family, it ain’t gonna matter.”

Now we feel like we really need to hear the other side of the story.

Are Stevie J And Joseline Really On Drugs?

It’s getting harder to tell what’s real-life and what’s made for reality TV. Are these two just plain-old out of pocket? Or will they re-coin “cocaine is a helluva drug” on the 20-year Love and Hip Hop reunion special?

How Did Rick Ross Lose All The Weight?

We’re proud of Rick Ross, but we need a little more back story behind his weight loss. Was it all just Cross Fit and healthy eating? Or is he holding on to some secret dieting tips?

What’s Up With Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne?

This is the hottest new celebrity relationship that we know the least about and it’s driving us crazy. These two could stop the crazy rumor mill in it’s tracks with a quick radio interview, TV spot or even some IG photos — seriously. It’s almost impossible to find a pic of those two together.

Who Is Amber Rose Going To Date Next?

Having one of the most attractive industry girlfriends back on the market is driving celebrity women crazy.

It’s been rumored that she’s after everyone from Nick Cannon to Robin Thicke. We’re assuming married men are off her list. But Kim Kardashian doesn’t think so. Rumor has it that she’s already expressly forbidden Kanye from contacting his newly-single ex.

Is Fantasia Barrino Married?

Fantasia has been driving fans crazy with this photo she Instagrammed two weeks ago. Not only is she wearing a white dress, but it looks like the two are wearing wedding bands…

Did Phaedra Really Know What Was Going On?

Phaedra recently told Ellen that she was “too busy overachieving” to know what was really going on with Appollo. We want to take Mrs. Parks for her word, but can the right hand really be that blind to what the left one is doing?

Are Tamar And Vince OK?

Tamar and Vince fans have been worried about rumors that Tamar and Vince are selling the house and getting divorced. Tamar has gone on the record to say it isn’t true, but that wouldn’t be the first time we heard denials right up until the divorce papers are signed.

We hope it isn’t true, but we really need to know.

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